The D.I.C.E. Weekend: One of the Georgia Tandem Club’s August Rides

Well, it was a week ago Saturday… so this is a belated report … but we actually made it out for the first of two Georgia Tandem Club rides scheduled for August.  Or, to be more accurate, the first of two planned events for August in that the Double Ice Cream Extravaganza (DICE) Weekend was a two-fer hosted by Roger Strauss & Eve Kofsky, aka, Team Strausky:

  • Saturday, August 6th was a ride beginning in the incredibly small town of Taylorsville, Georgia… northwest of Atlanta with post-ride lunch & ice cream at “Udder Delights”.
  • Sunday, August 7th was a ride beginning in Covington, Georgia’s town square… east southeast of Atlanta with lunch at Amici Italian Cafe followed by ice cream at “Scoops”

We were uncharacteristically early for the Saturday ride which was a mere 35 minutes or so from our home, noting we easily had the shortest drive of all the teams who came to Taylorsville.  All told, I want to say there were 7 teams; 5 that went long, 1 that went short and 1 that got lost.

We had a great 30-mile ride trading pulls and stories with Team Straussky (post Pennsylvania vacation report), Team Bireley (post Florida trip update), and Team Rowe (post San Diego trip report) and got to visit briefly with Wendy Davison & Ken Dejong and Bob & Kay O’Neil.  Team Bullard arrived as the flotilla was sailing out of the harbor so we didn’t get to visit with them until we found them at the lunch stop after the ride.  So, like I said, we had a great 30-miles but therein lies the problem: the route we were riding with our friends was 44-miles.

At the 30-mile mark word from the back of the tandem came that the 2nd motor was low on power and overheating so we throttled way back and did a leisurely 14-miles back to the start.  Better to live to ride another day than to push it too hard and create real issues.  Once we were rolling along at a clip about 2-3 miles an hour off the pace of our friends Debbie’s HR began to drop a bit and a few shady spots + what seemed like a slight tick down in the temperature also helped have a good rest of the ride by ourselves.

After finding our ride partners at the starting point in Taylorsville, we quickly got our tandem tossed into the back of the truck so we could caravan over to Udder Delights for lunch.  Had a great time at lunch and then packed it in for home: lots of honey-do’s waiting for us and Debbie needed to re-charge her batteries.

Sadly, Saturday’s ride took a lot out of Debbie so we opted to pass on Part II of the DICE weekend and the Covington ride.  I think she slept about 10 hours… much needed.  But, on the bright side, getting 30-miles in on a hot day with some moderate climbing felt good and we really had a nice time getting out with friends vs. riding alone from the house.  Back to the Dr. for follow-up lab work in a few weeks, so hopefully we’ll get some insight to see if she’s on the mend or simply adapting to a new normal.

Since we still fail to take photos at these things, I’ve once again “pinched” a few photos from our friend’s FB galleries so that readers can catch a glimpse of what it is about tandem cycling scene around Atlanta’s metro area that makes it so special to us.  And, for those folks who own tandems and live in the Atlanta metro area, to entice them to come on out for the PEACHES rides.

Yes, yes… we know. The rap is “they ride too fast for us”.  Well, guess what?  If all the folks who prefer to ride a social pace social distances of 25 miles or so would conspire to attend a PEACHES ride, the 25-mile social pace group would be 4x as large as the somewhat faster tempo that the folks who ride the 30-50 mile routes and y’all would have a great time, make new riding friends and be able to look forward to seeing those new friends for more great times at future PEACHES rides!  That’s how it works!!

Photo’s below courtesy of Team’s Straussky, Bireley & Rowe…

Folks begin to gather for the riders meeting in Taylorsville

All hail the "store stop", a virtual oasis for the social cyclist not looking to set a personal best for a set distance. (Photo by R. Bireley)

Smile & say "Cheese". Team's Straussky, Bireley & Rowe strike a pose at the 2nd Taylorsville store stop.

A quiet Sunday morning riding through the old part of Covington with Team Straussky at left, Ken Dejong & Wendy Davison near right and Aimee Bireley's helmeted head. (Photo by A. Bireley)

Hey, it's Roger Bireley's helmeted head this time! DICE riders check out the beautiful, turn of the century homes in Covington. (Photo by A. Bireley)

Part of the DICE crowd waits for lunch at Amici Italian Cafe in Covington. Hard to tell who without their helmets and glasses and with clothes on! (Just kidding) (Photo by R. Bireley)

This is why we ride! From left to right, Eve Kosfky, Claudia Rowe, Roger & Aimee Bireley enjoy ice cream at Scoops in Covington. (Photo by R.Rowe or R.Strauss)


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