The Outspoken Cyclist: More Favorite Interviews…

Back in February I posted a list of my favorite interviews by long-time friend Diane Lees, producer and host of the Outspoken Cyclist on WJCU in Cleveland, Ohio.  Her program airs every Saturday evening at 5:30 on WJCU and you can download shows after the fact from either the WJCU – Outspoken Cyclist webpage or at the iTunes Store.

Given that it’s been quite some time since I’ve made mention of the show, I thought I’d post another compendium of som eof the interviews that have grabbed my attention as someone who’s interested in the background and views of cycling industry icons.

As noted back in February, these “featured” interviews are typically aired during the first 30-minutes of the hour-long show, right on the heels of the show overview and other chit-chat between Diane and her co-host / producer Greg Priddy.  The balance of the show gets into a variety of national cycling advocacy news items and local cycling issues for the Cleveland-based network’s primary audience.

Again, the interviews (with descriptions by sound engineer Greg Priddy) I’ve listed here are simply the ones I found to be the most interesting, which is not to say the others weren’t uninteresting… as that’s not the case.  In fact, all of the interviews have been interesting and informative but we all have our biases and preferences in life, e.g., history vs. fiction, road racing vs. oval track, beer vs. wine, right side of the bed vs. left, etc.  I’ve even found myself enjoying Cleveland’s local cycling news and guests, as it’s all very interesting.

So, that said, if you’re looking for something to listen to on your iPod or MP3 player while traveling or cutting the lawn, these might do the trick….

  • Next Saturday, August 6th…. 45 minutes with Tom Kellogg of Spectrum Cycles.
  • Rob Vandermark, Seven Cycles – 7/30/2011: First up is Rob Vandermark, of Seven Cycles. Diane talks with Rob about his development in the bicycling business, and about how his career has been intertwined with that beautiful silver metal known as titanium. Play in new window | Download
  • Keith Bontrager, Bontrager – 7/02/2011: If you’ve ridden a bike or even visited a bike shop in the last decade, you’ve no doubt seen the name Bontrager on components from wheels, to stems to handlebars and saddles. The man himself, Keith Bontrager talks about his roots as a physicist and motorcycle racer, and how he views the state of bicycle technology today and in the future. Play in new window | Download
  • Richard Sachs, Richard Sachs Cycles – 6/25/2011You may already be familiar with Richard Sachs, but regardless, I bet you’ll find out something you never knew about one of those most respected framebuilders in the world today after you hear Diane’s interview with him. Play in new window | Download
  • Brent Steelman, Steelman Cycles – 6/18/2011:  Brent Steelman personally hand builds some of the most beautiful and high quality steel frames, forks and stems available today. In looking over his website (which I spent far too much time doing, BTW) I came away with the impression that this is ‘art you can ride’. Steelman Cycles is based in Redwood City, California. Play in new window | Download
  • Paul Price, Paul Components  6/18/2011: From Redwood City, we head north and east to Chico, California, where we caught up with Paul Price of Paul Component Engineering. Paul and his team design and manufacture brakes, levers, hubs, and other elegant solutions you can’t find anywhere else. ‘Art that can stop your bike’?  Play in new window | Download
  • David & Brenda Vandevelde, MBS Tandems – 4/16/2011:  David and Brenda Vandevelde are the owners of MBS Tandems in Mississauga, Ontario, and they organize the Canadian Tandem Rally coming up at the end of May. The Vandevelde family has been involved in tandeming for 30 years, so they know a thing or two about how to have a good time on a double.  Play in new window | Download
  • Maynard Herson, author – 4/2/2011: First up is Maynard Herson, who has been cycling and writing about cycling for several decades now. His column “At the Back” was a reader favorite in Winning and Velonews for many, many years. He is also the author of two (sadly out of print) books: Tales from the Bike Shop and Half Wheel Hell. Listen as he shares one of his classic stories with us this week.  Play in new window | Download
  • Mark Livingood, – 4/2/2011: If you’ve ever marveled at the poetry in motion that is a tandem bicycle gliding down the road, or ever drafted behind one on a long, flat ride, tonight’s second guest will be of interest to you. Mark Livinggood is the author and proprietor of The Tandem Link and The Tandem Geek blog, and he freely shares his considerabe passion and experience with us on the show. Half-bikers, prepare to be blown away. Play in new window | Download
  • Joe Breeze, Breezer Bikes – 02/19/2011: In the second half of the hour, we get a bit of history and a peek into what the future might hold for “useful bikes” from Joe Breeze, head of Breezer Bikes. Joe’s personal and professional story is fascinating, and you can hear it directly from the man himself this week on The Outspoken Cyclist.Play in new window | Download

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