Snippets… July 24th

Tandem Cycling…

Uh, yeah.  Still haven’t been able to get ourselves back in the saddle for a number of reasons.  However, we’re hopeful that this week will see us turning the corner on some of those reasons and we’ll start building base miles back on single bikes during the week and will make time to get back on the tandem next weekend.  We really miss it.  Riding the big bike is still a lot of fun and the people are great, but the sense of accomplishment and physiological boost we get when tandem cycling is not something we experience while riding motorcycles.

Family Comes Calling…

We had a chance to host my nephew from Chicago between Friday morning when I picked him up at the Atlanta airport until Saturday afternoon when we dropped him off up near Rome, Georgia for his week-long soccer camp.  What a really neat young man he’s become!  Very engaging, well-rounded, intelligent, articulate and focused on a variety of interests and his up coming college education.   We did a quick trip to Stone Mountain and rode the tramway to the top so he could get that “I’m on top of the world” feeling that you get when standing on the 900′ tall hunk of granite.  The Confederate Memorial was also a point of interest: the film on the history of the memorial that runs inside memorial hall is really quite good.  After that, it was off to yet another Atlanta institution: The Varsity for lunch.  We also cruised by The Big Chicken in Marietta while out running some errands, then hit On The Border for dinner (hey, it was Friday), and finished off the day taking in the movie Captain America.   I’m pretty sure we wore him out, as he’d been up since about 5am ETD and slept in until 10:30am on Saturday morning.  A short, but fun visit.


Captain America…

We’re big Marvel Comics movie fans and decided to take in Captain America on its opening night at a local theater.  While it fell a bit short of the benchmark for great Marvel Comic movies — Iron Man — it was a great film that sets up the next major production: The Avengers.

The Big Bike…

Well, we had our first “big” group ride today.  We headed out with Brian, Doc & Co. from Earl Small’s Harley-Davidson in Marietta, Georgia for about 100 miles of riding in Cobb, Bartow and Cherokee counties.  Reference the still shot below snagged from Doc’s video, that would be us riding fourth wheel coming into the corner at the right side of the frame.  Our Harley-Davidson Wide Glide is basically a modern-day chopper and surprisingly quite easy and comfortable to ride all day long.  In fact, I may be in trouble as my BMW R1100S seemed very uncomfortable on this morning’s ride to work: perhaps I should have given more thought to something with hard bags like a Road King or a Road Glide Custom…

However, as much as we enjoyed the ride, when we found ourselves on some twisties during part of today’s ride we later discovered during lunch that we were both apparently thinking, “This would be a great road for a tandem bicycle ride!”  In yet another parallel to tandem cycling,  we’ve discovered that you can tick off motorists on just about anything with two wheels.  In this case, there were about 45 bikes all told along for the ride and that really tested the patience of motorists at times.  Hat’s off to the Brian & Doc for a great event and to their road captains for keeping it all together and making it safe for everyone, bikers and motorists alike.

In photos below, Debbie finds some shade next to the ice cooler while enjoying a bottle of Smart Water (left) at the Gulf gas station in White, Georgia.  Later, our posse backs their bikes into the parking lot at Bodock’s in Canton, our lunch destination (right).  Great place with the most incredible and gracious staff.  Sadly, the bar was a bit too dark, cold and smokey for us so we opted to enjoy the shade on the front porch and chatted with the ride leaders and road captains as well as a few other bikers who stopped by.   Probably a little bit of my social skill issues coming into play there as well.  Still working on that…


At the end of the day we were both a little toasty from the jet-blast heat we’d experienced all day and we’d lost the cheesy $70 slip-on backrest off Debbie’s sissy bar, but were otherwise no worse for wear.  Gotta work on a better backrest solution: think I’ll just ask a fabricator to modify something.

As far as the company on today’s ride, just the nicest folks you’d ever want to meet all around all day… not at all what you’d expect if you believe the H-D owner stereotypes are accurate.


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I've been around a bit and done a few things, have a couple kids and a few grandkids. I tend to be curmudgeonly, matter-of-fact and not predisposed to self-serving chit-chat. Thankfully, my wife's as nice as can be otherwise we'd have no friends. My interests are somewhat eclectic, but whose aren't?
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