Knoxville Tennessee’s Club VIBES Back in the News!

The Club VIBES Mission

To assist blind and visually impaired young people in the Knoxville area to live independent and productive lives by identifying their unique capacities and developing their individual strengths.

Back in October of 2010 we introduced readers to Club VIBES after the Knoxville News featured the organization in an article written by Lorraine Furtner.

Over the past two days, Knoxville’s TV10 news featured Club Vibes in a story that  you can find at their website by clicking HERE.

Featured in the TV / Video segment was volunteer tandem pilot Dave Thomas and his visual impaired stoker Sue Buckley, who co-founded Club Vibes with her visually impaired husband John.  We’ve known Sue for a few years now and have several mutual friends in the Knoxville area that allow us to keep up to date with their activities and that have afforded us the opportunity to ride with Sue and one of her guest pilots.

You can learn more about Club VIBES by visiting their Website:

Club VIBES (Visually Impaired/Blind Enhanced Services) is a free mentoring service for visually impaired or blind youth and their parents/guardians residing in or around the Knoxville, Tennessee area. Established in November 2008, Club VIBES is a chartered not-for-profit organization registered with the state of Tennessee and Knox County.

Club VIBES is made up of a group of volunteers who care about visually impaired youth as they make the transition into an independent adult life. Through mentoring, these volunteers teach living skills and provide Club members with educational activities which model, develop, and reinforce social and leadership skills. Social outings and special events also are used as learning opportunities.


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