The Tandem Community: It’s a Small World After All

If you read my Tandems East Tandem Rally report you may remember me writing that I would share a little more information about our new friends Dave & Debby in a subsequent blog entry that proves the point, it’s a pretty darn small world we live in, particular the tandem world!

Well, this is that subsequent post and at right are Dave & Debby aboard their Co-Motion Speedster Co-Pilot at the 2009 Tandems East Tandem Rally.

OK, so here’s the deal.  As we shared our personal tandem stories with each other Debby mentioned that their daughter Jennifer had written an article about “mom and dad and the tandem” a few years back while she was freelancing that was picked up and published quite widely.  Debby and Dave generalized the flavor and spirit of the article as it chronicled their introduction to tandems and first meeting with Mel and Barbara Kornbluh while spending a weekend at the New Jersey shore.

Somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind I remembered reading that article and was pretty sure that my Google search routine had snagged the article a few months after it was first published in July 2008.  Jennifer had apparently had a hard time getting her freelance work published after graduating from Boston U with a degree in journalism and wrote the tandem piece on a lark and much to the surprise of everyone, the humorous anecdotal story about her parents was published!

Upon returning to our room after dinner on Friday night I did a search of my “old” Bulletin Board entries from 2008 and son-of-a-gun, there it was in my October 25th, 2008 update:

Tandem Folks in the news: The Parents of Jennifer Schwartz – This is just a great article by Jennifer — a BU grad and freelance writer — about her parents and their discovery of tandems through a chance encounter with Mel & Barb Kornbluh of Tandems East at the Jersey Shore. Jennifer provides an entertaining, 3rd person view of how her parents went from angst filled single bike riding, through the sometimes challenging learning process of tandeming, before becoming avid tandem enthusiasts who headed off to Italy for a tandem tour this past September. You can read her story here.

You can find the original article with the accompanying artwork at the Boston Globe archives at the following URL:

Yes, there is a strong temptation to violate the copyrights and republish the piece here, but I try not to do that… after all, there are real writers who earn a living doing what I do as a hobby a heck of a lot better than I do and it’s just not kosher to undermine their livelihood.

Great read, and a great couple!  We look forward to making out way back to another Tandems East Tandem Weekend at the front-end of a week off when we can really enjoy all three days instead of squeezing it in at the back-end ahead of a 12-hour drive and a return to work.




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