Remember when? The 80’s & The Battle of the Network Stars

The two Rogers — Roger Bireley via Roger Strauss — passed along the first of the following two videos that flash back to the 1980 and 1981 Battle of the Network Stars competitions from the 70’s & 80’s with Howard Cosell calling the action during the tandem bike relay races.

This is actually a pretty cool retrospective on just how popular cycling and even tandem cycling was back in the 1970’s bicycle boom.  I have no specific information on what brand of tandem they were riding, but they look like they could be Peugeot models.

Anyway, what I found interesting in these videos were:

  • The Bell V-1 Pro Helmets…
  • Running shorts & tank tops vs. cycling gear
  • They’re racing on a dirt running track
  • The number of captains who clearly didn’t understand how to steer a bike!
    • Gerard Oakes in the 1st (1980) video barely keeps it on the track
    • Lorenzo Lamas in the 2nd (1981) video gets distracted and runs off the track
  • How strong Kent McCord & Joan Prather were in the last leg of the 1980 video
  • How strong Jared Martin & Donna Mills were in the first leg of the 1981 video.


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One Response to Remember when? The 80’s & The Battle of the Network Stars

  1. DS31 says:

    The number of captain’s…” Gong!! Apostrophe violation.

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