Co-Motion Tandem Race Series (CTRS)

Regular readers who’ve been on board for a while may recall a Blog entry from February 18th this year in which we passed-on word Co-Motion had decided to discontinue the [edit]Co-Motion Classic Tandem Race“.

In short, while the events were successful and everyone who participated from sponsors, to riders, and so on, the event simply failed to draw [sufficient numbers of] riders from [within or] beyond the Pacific Northwest.

Now, when they first announced the cancellation of the CCTR, Co-Motion’s Blog entry included a teaser that foretold of “...a brand new event!” and closed with the line, “Details for our new non racing event to be announced before the end of February!

February came and went and on March 15th the original Co-Motion announcement was slightly revised. 

For 2011, we’re sponsoring a series of tandem races around Oregon. In 2012, we hope to put together something special here in Eugene. We’ll keep an eye on the race series and quietly plot our plans in the background. Stay tuned.

So, as we approach the July 4th weekend instead of being saddened to find that there will be no 2011 CCTR, we should send Kudo’s to the folks at Co-Motion for their sponsorship of tandem racing in Oregon with the 2011 Co-Motion Tandem Race Series – CTRS

Again, from their Blog, here’s a little more information on the new CTRS:

The Co-Motion Tandem Race Series is a group of 7 OBRA races that include tandem classes. Prizes will be awarded to 1st place finishers of the following rider categories: Male/Male, Male/Female, Female/Female, and Parent/*Child.  The top three finishers of the rider categories at each race will be given points with a grand prize being awarded to the team with the most points at the end of the series.


  • ICEBREAKER – Eugene (April 16)
  • Tandem TT Championships – Eugene (May 8 )
  • OBRA Road Race Championships – Silverton (May 14-15)
  • Salem Fairview Circuit Race – Salem (June 26)
  • High Desert Omnium – Bend (July 9-10)
  • OBRA Criterium Championships – Bend (Aug 13)
  • USA Cycling Masters National Road Championships – Bend (Aug 31- Sept4)

Although 3 of 7 events should now be in the bag, I haven’t been able to find a summary of the results or current standings in the series… so if anyone knows where they are, please share!

We’ll anxiously await more details of the “…something special for 2012 in Eugene.


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2 Responses to Co-Motion Tandem Race Series (CTRS)

  1. Zqwan 'Z-Dog' Peterson says:

    Hello there,

    I just wanted to pass along a correction to your post. I have raced (or viewed) the Co-Motion Tandem Classic Stage Race the last several years and it has not ever been over July 4th. In fact it has bounced around between July, August, and Sept. I am in Seattle and we do have the NW Tandem Rally every year over the July 4th holiday so perhaps you got the two mixed up.

    Also, Dwan’s cancelling of the event for 2011 wasn’t just because tandem teams weren’t coming from beyond the NW. If there had simply been more participants (from the NW or anywhere) it would have continued. The ‘A’ field has ranged from 6 to 9 tandems and the ‘B’ field from 15 to 18 tandems or so from what I have observed. I was extremely bummed it got cancelled this year since my girlfriend and I has such an awesome time last year picking up 3rd place in the ‘B’ group and we were looking forward to trying to hang in the ‘A’ group this year.

    Anyway, thanks for all your interesting posts and take care.


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