An Amazing Contrast In Motorsports (Bloggishnish)

What an amazing contrast in the different racing forms that are Formula 1 and NASCAR during today’s parallel running of the Grand Prix of Canada and NASCAR’s 5-Hour Energy 500 at Pocono Raceway.

Beyond the action on the track and how they manage the competition, you can see other differences in the names of the events, in their Websites, the fan discussion forums, and even in how the winners are recognized… albeit the latter is more indicative of all American motorsports vs. the rest of the world.   If you don’t know to what I’m referring, in most international motorsports events the top 3 finishers made the “podium” just as you see during the Olympics.  However, in US motorsports such as NASCAR, CART, etc., all we celebrate is the winner.  Me, I like the top 3. But, I digress.

If you’re a motorsports fan and missed the restart and final 1/3 of the Grand Prix after the massive rain delay, you missed some of the most amazing racing you’ll ever see.  And, it’s not over yet… the F1 racing stewards still need to rule on a possible foul committed by the preliminary winner, Jenson Button.

NASCAR finish… well at least there weren’t a bunch of wrecks during the last 10 laps and Jeff Gordon collects his 84th NASCAR victory.  Of course, it was hard to know what was going-on during the race since most of the time before and during today’s race seemed to focus on the off-track non-sense between Richard Childress and Kyle Busch…

Just saying…

Oh, and if that weren’t enough for a single weekend, how about the 24-Hours of Le Mans!?  Yet another amazing international competition where after 24-Hours, 355 laps of the circuit and 3,006 miles of racing the difference between the 1st Place Audi R18 and 2nd Place Peugeot 908 was 13-seconds. A nail-biter right down to the end for LMP1 and another victory for Chevrolet Corvette in the GT class: almost makes me want to run out and buy a Audi A6 and a Chevrolet Corvette Z06!  Almost…  guess I ‘d better check those lottery numbers from last night’s drawing.

Sadly, F1 and endurance racing are probably motorsports that only a handful of readers have any passing interest in, but they are clearly the pinnacle of motorsports technology and all-out competition.  Don’t get me wrong, I can easily get wrapped up in a good NASCAR or Indy-car race when they have a good race, but given my druthers I’ll take F1 or endurance racing.


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