Cyclists as motorists; observations from Tour de Cure

OK, there really wasn’t a Lamborghini Gallardo with a bike rack on the back at the Tour de Cure, but the photo was just too cool to pass up and it makes the point that just because someone rides a bike, it doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily be a better or smarter motorist (note the relationship of the Cervelo’s wheels and tires to the hot exhaust of the Lambo).

At this year’s Atlanta Tour de Cure they had an unusual way of routing the cars into the massive grounds of Bouckaert Farms that worked really well for their arrival, but created an interesting situation for their exit. More specifically, as riders returned to their cars and made their way out of the farm on the chalk-dust-covered, 1-mile long back road they dumped out on to Cedar Grove Road… the very same road that the 62-mile and 100-mile riders were using to return to the “other” paved road into Bouckaert Farms.

Once again, I found myself following motorists who were obviously people who also rode bikes and, in this case, would have had to have ridden their bikes on the very same public roads on which they were now driving.  Unfortunately, their ability to “Share the Road” was seriously lacking, as bad or worse than many other motorists we’ve seen encountering cyclists on the road.


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One Response to Cyclists as motorists; observations from Tour de Cure

  1. Wayne says:

    Your observation is a good one but unfortunately not a surprise. We have found riding our tandem that there are a lot of jerks riding bikes. I assume all of them also drive.

    Some people are really considerate and some are jerks. The same on bikes, in cars and on foot. People are people.

    With of course the exception of tandems. ALL tandemists are nice considerate people!


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