Lockheed Cycling Team – Brewery Ride Video

On the Friday after the tornadoes tore through the south, the Lockheed Martin Cycling Club based in Marietta, Georgia had a scheduled training ride out in Bartow County.  Nicknamed “The Brewery Ride”, there are actually several different loops that depart from the Cartersville, Georgia Budweiser Plant and make their way out into the rural areas to the east of Interstate 75. It’s a favorite ride loop for hundreds of cyclists and the venue for the annual Beautiful Backroads Century, co-sponsored by Budweiser each year.

The following video was a first-effort by one of the folks on the ride using a GoPro camera.  Yours truly is the cyclist wearing the bright green Tour de Cure jersey and not the gentleman captaining the Trek T1000 tandem.  That would be another Mark and his wife, noting Debbie had to work on April 29th otherwise we’d have been out there together as well.

By the way, if you’re from around these parts and ride these roads,  check out the note below the video regarding a special relief fund that Atlanta-based cyclists are putting together to help the folks who live along these routes whose lives were turned upside down by the recent storms.

Hello all cyclists ~

We are all aware of the recent tornadoes in the South. What you may not be aware of is the total devastation “in our own backyard” – wiping out many homes very near the Cartersville Budweiser Brewery – in the Crowe Springs/Gaines/Law Rd. neighborhood. Many of you are not familiar with these street names, only by “route markers” you follow. These hard hit areas are on routes we all ride on a regular basis. Folks say all the time that these are some of the best roads for riding anywhere – and we go along on our bikes never giving a thought to the communities or the families who live on these roads. Now is the time we can think of them – and show them how much we care for them and appreciate the tolerance they have shown us for years – allowing us free access to their community and roads.

Many of you have expressed interest in helping out and we have a plan. We would like to make donations to directly assist Anheuser Busch employees – specifically from the cycling community – as we feel it is important to let the folks know that we care and want to help them out. We have been in contact with the folks at Anheuser Busch and they have graciously embraced our plan and will assist us in directing the funds. Donations are being coordinated through Margaret McDaniel (NARC member) – and she in turn is in touch with the folks at the brewery. With the hundreds of riders who come to the brewery and ride we are hoping to give back – showing our support to the community and building more goodwill for the cyclists. While there is a need for material items such as diapers, bottled water, canned goods, clothing and much more, monetary contributions are encouraged and welcomed and easier for us to coordinate. We don’t have a suggested amount for your contribution, but ask that you consider how often you ride these gorgeous routes and pay nothing. Every dollar has meaning to a family – whether you contribute $5, $10, $25 or a larger amount…..it all goes to a great cause.

In order to streamline the process and make it easier on the ABE Credit Union (they will be handling the donations) your tax-deductible contributions should be sent to:

Margaret McDaniel
 616 Inglis Drive
Marietta GA 30067

Your check should be payable to: ABE Credit Union

Any amount you contribute is greatly appreciated – large or small – it will help.


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