Headed to Chattanooga For Santana’s Mother’s Day Weekend Rally

Breaking News: Team LGood is headed to Chattanooga, Tennessee for the Santana Mother’s Day Weekend Rally on May 5th – 8th.  I believe there are still a few other slots available if anyone is interested.  More info HERE.

Our first and only Santana Rally was the 1999 Mother’s Day Weekend in Asheville, North Carolina, so we’re really looking forward to visiting with Bill & Jan McCready since that’s the last time we saw them.

BTW, if you try to find us by looking for our blinged-out Calfee, you’ll probably come up a bit short.  If all goes as planned, we’ll be riding something “special” that Bill has arranged for us.

The rest of the story….

Given my mind has a habit of wandering into pop culture looking for analogies when certain circumstances arise (kinda like what happens in Scrubs), such was the case when we found an interesting Email from our friend Bill McCready at Santana Cycles this past Friday.  I immediately found myself imagining a discussion taking place between Jack Goertz of Tandems Limited in Birmingham, Alabama — co-host of Santana’s Mother’s Day Weekend Rally  — and Bill where the dialog went something like this:

Bill M: So, Jack, what’s the story on why the Geek and Mrs. Geek haven’t closed the deal and signed-on for the rally?
Jack: Well Bill, it just seems like they had a lot on their plate in May with several other rallies. They talked about signing-up, but it just didn’t seem like they could fit it in.
Bill M: Hmmm.  I’m thinking we may have missed an opportunity here if, as you say, they’ve been on the fence.
Jack:  Oh yeah, it was clearly something they wanted to do, but it just seemed like they couldn’t pull the trigger for some reason.  Bill, I sense that you have something in mind?

So, as you could probably surmise from my intro and “the rest of the story“, the “Don” did present us with an offer we could not refuse and we’re now headed to Chattanooga, Tennessee!  I suspect a few other folks may have received personal invites from Bill (less the special accommodation), so the underlying message here is: there are still a few slots left for what promises to be a great four-day extended weekend in one of our favorite Southern cities: Chattanooga.

Chattanooga is only about 90 miles north of where we live on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia.  Chattanooga has been host to several tandem cycling opportunities that we’ve taken advantage of over the years, including the 3-State, 3-Mountain Century, the 2007 Southern Tandem Rally, and several get together events with friends from Franklin & Knoxville, Tennessee since Chattanooga is something of a 1/2 way point for all of us.

Staying on the Delta Queen — birthed right in the heart of Chattanooga — should be a real treat and puts us all within walking distance of many great places and sights, and that will definitely be something we’d never do on our own.

We’ve had to juggle around some other May plans, so there will be some collateral fall-out in our schedule, but this will also open up another opportunity that allows us to support another commitment that had previously fallen off our calendar.

We’re especially excited about the prospect of seeing what Bill will bring along for us to ride, noting that our first tandem was a 1995/6 Santana Arriva that we bought from… yup, Jack & Susan at Tandems Limited.  Having ridden a lot of different tandems since then, it will be really interesting to see how a 2011 Santana performs compared to our other long-term regular rides and some of the other tandems we’ve owned or ridden in the interim.


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