Oh Snap!!! (Update #2)

This is the second follow-up to the first two chapters of the Broken Erickson Saga: A Man & His Tandem. In the first chapter we learned how our friends Roger & Eve would begin a journey into the dark and mysterious world of bicycle frame repair in “Oh Snap” .  In the second chapter, “Oh Snap, Update #1” we saw their Erickson begin life anew with a new right  chain stay…  a prosthetic stay, if you will, since it wasn’t quite a perfect match to the original which was actually a fork blade masquerading as a chain stay.

In today’s installment we see the frame make its way into the paint booth for what well call a protective finish that will eventually be removed along with the rest of the paint when the frame gets a cosmetic do-over next fall. So, no worries about the somewhat less than perfect color match…

So, here we see the frame masked-off and prepped for a trip into the paint booth.

In the paint booth where you can see the primer and first pass of the color coat applied

Viola, the repaired frame with its new shade of blue and somewhat asymmetrical chain stays

So, with the frame repaired and on its way back to our friends via UPS, we have now welcomed our ’98 Erickson back into the fold at home where it was re-configured back into what would best be called its baseline configuration: stock steel fork, stem flipped and lowered, with the ti-grey Velocity Deep-V / White Ind hub wheelset back in place vs. the Reynolds Ouzo Pro carbon fork and black Velocity Deep-V wheelset we’d fitted it with while on loan to our friends.  It also appeared that somewhere along the way I must have jarred the rear derailleur as it looks like it had developed a propensity to over-shift the smallest chain ring sprocket during its time with our friends: yikes, that can be alarming and disconcerting, to say the least.  Hopefully it didn’t hang up more than once, as we’ve had the same thing happen on our other Erickson and it makes for a challenging ride when you must remember to not shift into the lowest cog where you risk jamming the chain once again.

Amazing how changing wheels and the fork can transform the appearance of a tandem...

Next up, a big surprise in Update #3.



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