Discussion Forum Obits For The Recently Departed

Sign-off Messages

We recently had a long time contributor bid farewell to one of the tandem discussion forums I frequent and his sign-off made me reflect a bit on some of the sign-offs I’ve seen, to include my own from the Hobbes list back on April 10, 2007. Yes, I actually left Hobbes… in some respects having been motivated by the very same reason that long-time Hobbes contributor Peter Jon White left in August of 2006: lack of meaningful and interesting tandem content.

However, unlike Peter’s last post — which really was his last post to the Hobbes list — I continued to check-in to the list from time-to-time via a web-based compendium following my un-subscription in the hopes that the discussions would shift back to tandem-related content.  While checking in one weekend in August of 2007 I found myself drawn back into a new subscription when a former list member who wasn’t exactly tightly wrapped returned under a false name and needed to be called-out by someone who’d been on the list back in the day (yours truly). But I digress, as always.

So, as I said, a long-time contributor to this particular forum posted a simple goodbye, noting he had found himself spending too much time on the forums. Not an unreasonable decision, noting his post count was truly through the roof… something on the order of 3x as high as my own which is also pretty darn high at 6,400.  However, the goodbye post made me think that when folks who have been long-time contributors depart, there should be a new rule of forum etiquette whereby those who depart shall leave an auto-obituary wherein they offer up a short summary of their lives on the forum and the nature of their demise from the list.  I feel that it would go a long way towards giving closure to the other members, as far too many on-line friends just seem to fade away, never to be heard from again… leaving those of us who remain to wonder, did they find the answer to all of life’s questions?  Were they able to find a cure for list subscription addiction?  Is there life after lists?  Or did they simply move on so they could spend more time on Facebook?

Rest assured, if and when I finally come to my senses and see the light, I will definitely post a swan song before signing-off for the last time.


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I've been around a bit and done a few things, have a couple kids and a few grandkids. I tend to be curmudgeonly, matter-of-fact and not predisposed to self-serving chit-chat. Thankfully, my wife's as nice as can be otherwise we'd have no friends. My interests are somewhat eclectic, but whose aren't?
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2 Responses to Discussion Forum Obits For The Recently Departed

  1. Diane says:

    So, I need to add that I do still have the T@H messages come in to my email inbox and find snippets of information that are both interesting and pertinent.

    It’s a lot of work and often the threads are just endless – but, I do have a delete key that still works. I know most of these people are both well meaning and interested in tandems.

    I guess a big part of my connection is for the radio show and many times great ideas are started with the lists.

  2. TG says:

    Sadly, Tandem@Hobbes has been a struggle for me since around 2003 / 2004 after a lot of the long-time tandem list regulars began to disappear and the non-tandem related din began to increase.

    I’m still a subscriber and will still occassionally weigh in when someone gets something factually incorrect related to tandem industry, products or the like and will answer a technical question when it hasn’t already been fielded with a good answer.

    But, to put it in context, the folks who I vividly recall as being the core contributors and/or the folks who would routinely participate in the really interesting discussions or add the kind of tandem content that drew me to Hobbes in the first place and who have signed-off or infrequently contribute who used to be regulars include:

    Larry Black, aka. ABikie, Alex Wetmore (who hasn’t even bothered to archive Hobbes content on his BikeList.org site since Dec ’08), Arly Aronson, Bill McCready, Bob Friedman (bike42), Brian DeSousa, Charlie Buchalter, Clive George, David Burckhard, Dwan Shepard, Dave Walker, David Sundstrom, Ed Hass, Ed Tasch, Eric Salathe, George Wells, Glen Fahey, Garth Wilson (who hangs out on Bicycle’s forums these days) Glenn Erickson, Greg Shepherd, Greg Przybyl, Chris Timm, Gordon Hester, Jack Goertz, Jack Donohue, James Annan & Jules, Jay Hardcastle, Joe Cahill, Joe DeLory, John Bayley, Josh Feingold, Josh Putnam, Khal Spencer, Len Caplan (who passed), Rick Lindstrom, Mark Shelley, Mark Bulgier, Mark Hornblower, Mark Russell, Mike Buondonno, Mike Iglesias, Nick Payne, Pam Blalock, Don Pardo, Paul Kopit, Peter Jon White, Rich Taschler, Rick Steele, Robert Wells, Steve Smilanick, Sheldon Brown (who passed), Wade Shimoda, Steve Rex, Rodney Moseman, Todd Shusterman, Tom Ostertag, the Staffords, Todd Huzma (Tullio), any one of a number of folks from Bilenky, Dennis Bushnell and of course Brian Jenks & Diane Lees who would also get mixed up in more esoteric tandem-related discussions.

    Again, I’m thinking back to the 90’s and perhaps back 10 years ago. It just seemed like a different place back then.

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