iPad “Sprockets” Application… Oh Please.

I guess there really is an “app” for just about anything, even things that make absolutely no sense and serve no real purpose…

I’ll spare you the mental anguish I suffered in learning more about this “innovation” by not imbedding the You Tube video discussed on Tandem@Hobbes.  However, I will give you a link to the Web page that describes what I believe is an incredibly short-sighted iPad application and the associated apparel accessory: http://www.maya.com/Sprocket/

In short, some poor misguided person who apparently doesn’t have a hot clue what safe-cycling entails,  who never learned to use hand signals, and who has zero appreciation for how much time trailing motorists or cyclists need to process data — assuming they could even recognize and see what they were supposed to recognize and respond to — came up with a way to make an iPad even less useful than the “paper weight” application.

As for the tandem stoker application, unless this thing could be used as a large format GPS map for sight-impaired stokers, the very idea your stoker would spend their time on the back of the tandem reading a book on their iPad while you navigated a tandem through an urban environment as part of a commute or any other type of ride has relegate the stoker to truly dead weight status speaks even more to just how disconnected the creators are to cycling (and most likely driving) and being acts that demand nearly your full attention.

Come on folks. Put away the phones, iPad, and other distractions and get your head in the game.  By the way, you can find a whole bunch of even better rants on this “sprockets” app and the iPad pocket on a variety of blogs.


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