Commercial Tandem Cycling Tours… The Last Big Push

Oh, if we’d only hit the lottery…

Actually, we do play every once in a while because as insane as the odds are against you, somebody’s got to win!  And, if we should ever win, I’ve actually got it all planned out!  After putting our affairs in order and taking care of the family by setting up trusts, we’re off to Europe for back-to-back-to-back tandem tours for several months, followed by the same but only south of the equator.  After clearing our heads and seeing the world, then it gets interesting.

However, short of hitting the lottery, we still look with great interest at the various tandem tour and rally notices that come to us via Email from the likes of our friends Bill & Jan McCready at Santana Vacations, Rob Templin at Second Summer Tours, Rich Shapiro at Gear-to-Go Tours, look longingly at each year’s Erickson Cycle Tours itinerary, and then seriously consider heading over to Italy or perhaps going to New Zealand with our friends Mel & Barbara Kornbluh from Tandems East.  And then there are our friend Rich & Ina Wolf’s Pennywise Tandem Tours, which are bar-none, best values in great tandem adventures.

This year I thought I’d actually put our name in the hopper for Santana’s Chattanooga Rally over Mother’s Day Weekend, by responding to an early solicitation for reservations. Sadly, we never heard back on our initial response until we received a second general solicitation for interest… with new instructions to call and make reservations.  ??? Gee, I thought we’d already done that.  Hmmmm.  Now that I had a second chance to rethink our plans, run the numbers, and looked at our other May events we decided it may have been fortuitous that we really didn’t have a reservation for the Chattanooga weekend for a variety of reasons.

We were even more surprised to see yet another solicitation on March 22nd that seemed to indicate there were still slots available for the Chattanooga Rally.   Hmmm, that still sounded really tempting, as it had been over 12 years since we did our first Santana Rally and it was a lot of fun and gave us lasting memories. Moreover, just like our Santana Asheville Rally, the Chattanooga Rally would feature (hopefully) lots of climbing and spectacular mountain vistas.  Well, after giving it much thought and despite the temptation, we ultimately decided to pass.  But, for anyone who’d really like to have a great time, Chattanooga would certainly be a place that ‘shouldn’t’ disappoint, as it has some of the best cycling routes of any place you’ll find in the South… well, OK. There are actually dozens of great places to ride here in the Southeast US.  We’re spoiled rotten!!!!

Rich Shapiro hosts his tours in yet another mecca for American Cycling and his domestic tours are purportedly well worth the time and expense of travelling to and from based on feedback from those who’ve taken his tours.  And, as was the case with Santana, we recently received some Email traffic from Rich & Lindy announcing their 2011 tour schedule.  Again, a great opportunity for anyone looking for a domestic wine country tour on the East Coast near New York’s Finger Lakes.

So, pending that lottery win, you can plan on finding us at rallies here in the US where the fees are expressed in hundreds of dollars per couple, not thousands, and the time required is merely a 3-day weekend, not a week or two of vacation that we never can seem to figure out.  And, at least for 2011, our BIG ADVENTURE will likely be our first Tandems East Weekend in July, since we were able to combine the 3-day weekend with a 3-day visit we’d be paying to my parents a mere 2.5 hours away in nearby Reading, Pennsylvania.


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One Response to Commercial Tandem Cycling Tours… The Last Big Push

  1. Dances with Wiener Dogs says:

    This is very helpful info…as we also dream about the big vacations. The two week tour with Pennywise looks particularly delightful.

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