Alabama Tandem Weekend: The 2011 Rally That Got Away…

We’d planned to attend the second Alabama Tandem Weekend (ATW) hosted by Steve & Wendy Baxter, but work commitments on Friday somewhat put an end to that plan.

NOTE: The older I get the less time I like to spend behind the wheel, so when we make a road trip somewhere I really like to make sure we’ll spend as much time socializing and/or riding as we do driving. Once I lose the Friday ride and dinner that are an integral part of the 3-day events I start rethinking our plans.

Anyway, since we weren’t able to fit the ATW into our date book, it did clear the way for us to make the trip down to St. Augustine a few weeks earlier and boy, are we glad we made that trip. Great time with a lot of really great folks: many old friends and many new ones.  But, it was also a bit of a disappointment that we wouldn’t be able to make ATW.  ATW also  draws many of our long-time tandem cycling friends for what has always been a very nice, no-frills and relaxing weekend of riding. Because it has traditionally be the first rally of the year, it also allows us to get get caught up on what’s happened in our respective lives over the winter. We had a great time last year at the first Baxter-hosted ATW, so it was definitely a “miss” for our 2011 tandem season.

So, this is a short report on the rally we didn’t attend.  Regular readers may recall I announced this year’s ATW in a blog entry back in December, but since that didn’t have as much detail as some of the subsequent announcements, I’ll be using a mix of the comments I received from some of the folks who attended, plus the event description and will also be including a link to 156 photos taken by Tim & Beverly Presley.

Friday was apparently a sight-seeing day, where the emphasis was on stopping to see all that there was to see as evidenced by the many of the photos that come in early in the Presley’s collection.

It sounds like the Fish Camp was not what your imaginations might conjure up, i.e., well-worn cabins with a patina and ambiance that only a bunch of fisherman could add and the sights and sounds that come with being right on a fishing hole.  Well, it turns out the cabins were very new, very clean and there really wasn’t a fishing hole at the Camp. But, nice accommodations and very nice riding coupled with wonderful companionship.

Although much of the Southeast got pummeled with all kind of severe storms, tornadoes, and was basically a washed-out weekend.  However, other than a very short afternoon rain shower, the weather in Alabama was reported as quite nice… always important for a cycling weekend.

We’ll keep our eyes open for any other reports and add details as appropriate.


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