Canadian Tandem Rally in May, eh?

What: 2011 Canadian Tandem Rally
Where: St. Jacobs, Ontario, Canada
When: May 27-30 2011

I haven’t updated’s rally schedule just yet (that would require going upstairs to my antique, 2001 vintage Apple G3 tower), but David & Brenda Vandevelde have sent notes out to those of us who keep rally calendars and to the Hobbes list announcing the 2011 Canadian Tandem Rally so I thought I’d share it this way first.

You can find more information and a short video with highlights of the 2007 Canadian Tandem Rally at the MBS Tandems website by clicking HERE.  Registration is now open.

You can learn more about the Mennonite communities around St. Jacobs at “The Area” link on the MBS tandems Website or by clicking HERE.



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