Bina Bilenky & The San Diego Custom Bicycle Show

Photo by Stephen Bilenky at 2010 San Diego Custom Bicycle Show

Wow, Steven Bilenky’s daughter Bina Bilenky has been a busy gal again… OK, busier than usual as she always seems to be busy.  Guess the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree, as her dad Stephen Bilenky has always had at least four or five irons in the fire at a time!

Here’s the scoop: back in late December there was an item in Bicycle Retailer and Industry News where they mentioned that Bina Bilenky was going to build on her success with last year’s inaugural Philadelphia Bicycling Exposition, aka, the Philly Bike Expo, and has partnered with her dad’s long-time friend, frame builder and organizer of the San Diego Custom Bicycle Show — Brian Baylis — to punch-up the 3-day event’s program, marketing and overall appeal.

The T-30 day Press Release came out for the event last week and, in addition to hitting all of the really cool cycling web sites, Twitter and Facebook over the past few days, Bina also dropped by the Tandem@Hobbes list (at least it sounds like Bina as I don’t recall Stephen or anyone else from Bilenky Cycle Works using the email address ever starting off a note to Hobbes with “Hi All”) where she wrote:

Hi all,

If you are in California and like tandems, check out the San Diego Custom Bicycle Show April 8-10. Co-Motion Cycles, Santana Cycles, Porter Custom Bicycles, Bilenky Cycle Works and Calfee Design will be exhibiting. Bill McCready of Santana Cycles will also be giving a seminar on tandem frame design and materials technology.

Pretty cool…  Wish we could be there!  In fact, at some point I’d like to set aside one year to attend ALL of the really great bike shows:  Interbike, NAHBS, Philly, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, etc. and throw in a visit to all of the really cool tandem builders here in the states.  Alas, until I win the lottery I reckon someone has to stay home and build stuff other than bikes, you know… like C-130 Hercules airlifters!

Anyway, as I said, Bina unleashed the following Press Release late last week and it’s making the rounds.  If you live anywhere near San Diego and haven’t been able to make it to the NAHBS or other builder shows, this looks like a great event, not to mention an amazing opportunity to meet some very cool folks from the bike & tandem biz:

Countdown to San Diego

2011 San Diego Custom Bicycle Show just weeks away

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (San Diego, CA) Anticipation and excitement is growing as April 8, 9, 10 races into view on the calendar. That’s when Brian Baylis and Bina Bilenky will present the 2011 San Diego Bicycle Show at storied Golden Hall on the San Diego Concourse, 202 C Street, San Diego, CA.

Sharing the weekend with the thousands of riders participating in the Colnago Gran Fondo just blocks away, the 2011 San Diego Custom Bicycle Show promises to be bigger and better than ever.

A third of the exhibitor space filled up in the first month following the announcement, and the latest additions can be viewed on the show website.

In addition to the tall-bike jousting, kinetic sculpture parade, and bicycle rodeo, activities include a vintage parts swap with framebuilder’s only swap before the swap opens to the public.

Nan Eastep and Sherry Koyama of B. Spoke Tailor will present the Bicycle Fashion Show proving that today’s bike wear is indeed runway worthy.

There will be parties with live music by the Offbeats (a British invasion tribute band) and a unique performance by the yet-to-be formed MotherFluxers: Brian Baylis (Baylis Cycles) on drums, Stephen Bilenky (Bilenky Cycle Works, the Notekillers) on bass, Eddi on saxophone, and Paul Sadoff (Rock Lobster Custom Cycles) on guitar.

A special Women’s Panel convenes to discuss the topic of “Empowering Women Cyclists“. Featured panelists are: Samantha Ollinger, Editor of, and co-organizer of San Diego Streets for People (, Diane Lees, Co-owner HubBub Custom Bicycles, Mia Kohout, Co-Publisher, Marketing & Advertising Director Momentum Magazine, Megan Dean, framebuilder and owner Moth Attack, Sarai Snyder of GirlBikeLove and Andrea Garland, Bicycle and Pedestrian Professional at Alta Planning & Design.

Dave Bohm of Bohemian Bicycles will demonstrate framebuilding skills in “Brazing Illustrated” a live brazing demo.

Interesting and informative seminars continue to be added to the schedule. Bill McCready, of Santana Cycle will deliver “Tandem Frame Design & Materials Technology“. Richard Schwinn,  (Waterford Precision Cycles) together with Ted Ernst will present “Paramount – 70 Years of Handbuilt Glory“.  There will also be a Schwinn Paramount Concours d’Elegance showcasing an impressive array of historic and collectible Paramounts.

With something for everyone, the 2011 San Diego Custom Bicycle Show is a fun-filled celebration promoting all aspects of bicycle culture.

San Diego Custom Bicycle Show
April 8, 9, and 10, 2011
Golden Hall at the San Diego Concourse
202 C. St
San Diego, CA 92101

BTW, here’s a pretty neat little interview with Bina by Janet Bressler that I found on Momentum Planet entitled, “She Cut Her Teeth on Bicycles“.   Something tells me we’ll be hearing and seeing more of Bina over the next few years.


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