New Jersey’s Dirty D.O.G.S. Plan For Summer Fun!

Larry & Brenda Isherwood

Teambreeze (aka, Brenda & Larry Isherwood) from New Jersey’s tandem club, Doubles Of the Garden State (DOGS) recently dropped us a couple of notes and also posted some announcements on a couple of off-road tandem events for June and July.

The first one is scheduled for June 17-19 at the Allegrippis Trails at Lake Raystown Resort near Entriken, Pennsylvania.  Ride central will be Campsite #35 but there are also cabins, cottages and a nice lodge for folks (like us) who aren’t into the camping thing.   Trails are listed as Easy to Moderate with a few Difficult trails. They are a bit wider than single track and are smooth hard-packed dirt with only a few areas with some rocks or roots or log or two) and are fine for mountain & cross bikes (tandems or singles). Climbs are minimized by having rollers to “boost” you up them. Larry & Brenda shared this 8 minute long YouTube video of local riders on the loops at the ‘grippis’ trails.

The second event is scheduled for the 4th of July weekend (July 1 -4) up in northern Vermont at the Kingdom Trails in East Burke. Larry & Brenda are co-hosting the event with Joe & Dawn (single bikers) and their Picatinny Mountain Bike Group.  Once again, ride central will be in the camp grounds, but there are other less rugged accommodations available. The trails are described as having 100 miles of smooth, flowy singletrack with impressive views. Although this is pretty tame riding and the soundtrack is really annoying, it does a nice job of showing what some of the trails look like:

  • If you missed the embedded links in the write-ups, more info on Allegrippis Trails HERE.
  • And, more information on the July 4th weekend at Kingdom Trails HERE.

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