Dwan Shepard Does 20 Questions With Bike News Asia

Dwan Shepard portrait

You may recall an item from our blog a few weeks back where Co-Motion Cycles announced an end to their 9-year run with the Co-Motion Classic tandem stage race in Eugene, Oregon.  However, at the tail end of that announcement they included a teaser that a new, non-racing event was in the works and details would be forthcoming by the end of February. 

I assumed that to be February 2011 and went looking for the follow-up now that we’re into March. Alas, I didn’t find anything in that regard at their Events Page, Blog or (gasp) on their Facebook page.  So, we’ll keep looking.

However, what I did find on their Facebook page was a link to what was described as an “interview” published at the Bike News Asia blog.  Turns out, it’s not an interview, per se. It’s a variation on the ‘Proust Questionnaire’:  a set of 20 Questions that seek to gain insight into someone’s personality   Check it out if you like…


The answers include both insightful and entertaining responses, and these were my favorites:

BNA: What is your greatest fear?
Dwan: Being inconsequential

BNA: What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Dwan: Being a good father

BNA: What is it you most dislike?
Dwan: The question, “couldn’t you just ___?”

BNA: How would you like to die?
Dwan: Are you threatening me?


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