Phil Wood Offer’s New Shell For Rohloff Users…

As mentioned and shown in the NAHBS entry, Phil Wood has developed an aftermarket shell for the Rohloff internally geared hub.   I believe they first made mention of the new product on their Facebook page back on Feb 16th, in parallel with an updated to their Blog.

Aside from adding a lot of bling to show bikes, the more practical application of what I suspect is a somewhat pricey piece of kit would be adding more spokes for heavy-duty applications, e.g., tandems.

From Phil Wood’s blog, it notes that their Rohloff shell can be drilled to accept  24,28,32,36,40 and 48 spokes.

More to follow, I’m sure.


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2 Responses to Phil Wood Offer’s New Shell For Rohloff Users…

  1. Pat & Mary Margaret Flinn says:

    Your Phil Wood hub with additional spoke holes, over the standard 32 that the factory provides, is just what the Rohloff hub needs for use on a tandem bicycle. About 4 years ago, we had Bill Mc Cready at Santana make his first tandem, a Sovereign, with a Rohloff hub. We have been very happy with the faultless way it has performed ever since. The only thing that we have done with the hub is a yerly oil change. It is the very best part of an excellent tandem bicycle. However, when we bought the bike, we did request a hub with more than the 32 that Rohloff makes as standard for mountain bikes. We really wanted something more. But, we were told that this was, “not available”, by Rohloff.
    After about three years of trouble free peformance, we started to break a occasional spoke. Over one year’s time this problem became much more frequent. So, we decided to rebuild the wheel. Upon close examination we also found cracks starting to form at several of the spoke holes in the Velocity Dynad rim. So, in addition to new spokes, the rim itself needed to be replaced, also. Altough, we now have a virtually all new wheel, we are sure that after another 3 years, we will, again, have to repeat this rebuild. You can certainly expect us to buy one of your Rohloff hubs, with its additional spoke holes in it, at that time.
    Good Riding, from the tandem team of,
    Pat & Mary Margaret Flinn, who say, “A good ride with friends like you is a better ride!”

  2. Dave Walker says:

    Hi, Pat & Mary,
    I have quite a bit of experience with low-spoke-count tandem wheels; as an example, here’s our triplet with 24-spoke wheels that’s now nearly 13 years old and has over 10,000 trouble-free miles on it:
    While the Velocity Dyad isn’t a bad rim, a much better choice as far as strength and durability goes is the Chukker, which is essentially the same rim but 32 mm deep instead of the Dyad’s 22 mm. The rim stiffness is proportional to the cube of the section depth, all else being equal. Thus, the Chukker is about (32/22)^3=3.07 times as stiff as the Dyad!

    It’s a great choice for a tandem and will result in a MUCH stronger and more durable wheel (assuming it’s built correctly, which is also important). The other issue is, what kind of spokes are you using? I only build wheels with butted spokes, not so much for the lighter weight (on a 500 lb. triplet who cares?) but because they’re more durable than straight-gauge spokes in general.

    You should be fine with professionally-built 32 spoke wheels on the Rohloff hub if you follow these guidelines. Hope this helps.

    Dave “What’s my favorite bike? The one I’m on!” Walker

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