NAHBS 2011… Tandems

With a tip of the hat to our friend Ritterview (Bill V.) from, there were several very interesting tandems on display at this year’s North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Austin, Texas.  Bill has created a Flickr album where he has consolidate a number of photos that he has discovered on various web-based photo and cycling pages that are well-worth a look. You  can find his collection HERE.  If you’re interested in seeing a broader collection of the bikes that were on display this year, you can find two other very good photo collections HERE and HERE..

Getting back to some of the tandems that are featured in Bill’s photo collection above and moving left to right from the top to the bottom row…

  • The first (an #6) photo depicts a lovely green S&S coupled touring tandem from Bilenky. Not sure if it’s sporting 26″ or 650B wheels, but the Brooks saddles and the flask holder & flask behind the captain’s seat tube are a bit hit for me.  Not feeling the love from the white front & rear racks: would have preferred to see those finished to compliment either the stainless steel coupler nuts or polished fenders.
  • The second photo is not actually a tandem.  It is the matching front hub for a new Phil Wood shell produced to house the 14-speed Rohloff internally-geared hubs.  I’ll have another blog entry on the Phil Wood hubs later tonight.  But, at this year’s NAHBS, this particular set of hubs was laced to custom built 650B Italian wooden rims on Stephen Bilenky’s stunning Shelly Horton city bike. You can a little more about the Shelly Horton HERE.   But, if you want the whole story on the pair of city bikes built for Brett & Shelly Horton, along with some fantastic photos, you’ll want to visit the blog HERE.  This bike won Best Lugged Frame for 2011.
  • The third photo is a custom Co-Motion 29er sporting a very cool paint job and some chi-chi ENVE rims with meaty tire.
  • The forth photo (as well as #11, #12 & #13) depicts a one-off downhill tandem produced by Bicycle Fabrications featuring 8″ of travel.
  • The fifth photo is a somewhat fuzzy photo of another brother’s custom Cyfac carbon tandem.  You can find several photos of this spectacular French-made composite tandem HERE.
  • The seventh (and #14 – #16) is a highly-optioned Calfee Tetra S&S tandem.  In addition to the S&S Bicycle Torque Couplings, this Calfee tandem appears to have Calfee’s exclusive hidden Shimano Di2 battery and wiring, a ~250mm rear disc rotor paired with an Avid BB7 Road caliper, Zipp Wheels (?), eebrake calipers, Lightning carbon cranks, a Calfee BarStem, as well as a Gates Carbon Drive sync belt.
  • The eighth (and #9 & #10 + #17) photos depict a very special tandem frame built by Don Walker and built using components donated by several other  builders for a cyclist who lost their sight. You can read more about this gift HERE.
  • Last but certainly not least in this collection was Kent & Katie Eriksen’s personal titanium 29er hard tail off-road tandem.  Back in June of 2010 we made mention of Kent’s first titanium 29er in a blog entry regarding off-road tandems.  You can find several other blog entries regarding Kent Eriksen & Eriksen cycles HERE.  Kent’s 29er won the 2011 NAHBS award for best tandem.  Oh, if we only had deeper pockets… we’d have at least one, if not two Eriksen tandems!!

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