Hey, hey… we’re riding again this weekend!

Woohoo, two nice weekends in a row with temps at or above 50F !

Thankfully, last weekend’s rides did not have a lasting impact on my recovery from bronchitis beyond a slight increase in light coughing on Monday, but that could have just as likely been from the return of damp and cold weather during the week.  On the bright side, at least the damp and cold weather confined itself to our work week, to include yet ANOTHER day when we awoke to a snowy white covering on everything BUT the roads. Yup, sometime between midnight and 6am on Thursday we received a lovely 1/2″ dusting of wet snow, but thankfully the roads and sidewalks had not been cold-soaked with below freezing temps for the past week so no impact to travel.

Yesterday saw sunny skies with steadily riding temperatures that finally tickled the low 50F mark around early afternoon. The forecast for the coming week even looked good enough that I rolled-the-dice and washed both cars, one before and one after our short ride on the tandem around 1pm.

Of course, that big bright object in the sky made the 48F starting temperature feel warmer than it really was and being mindful that much of our ride included 25-35 mph descents on tree-shaded roads I recommended a dress code of tights, long-sleeve base layer with our winter weight Double Forte jerseys and that was about just right.  We never got too cold or too hot and felt comfortable throughout the ride, so it was a really nice day in the saddle.  Yeah, our performance was well-off our pace from last year and abysmal compared to 10-years ago when I was able to ride 25 miles a lunch every day during the week with another 25-35 mile ride in the evenings…  oh, those were the days, eh?

Last evening had us visiting with a gathering of our tandem and cycling friends for their annual Valentines dinner celebration.  I think this was perhaps the 10th or 11th edition and it was a very nice affair, as always.  Lots of libations, too much food, and a great time catching up with friends who we don’t get to see all that often.  We broke new ground in the area of BYOB by spinning up several batches of Margaritas at home with the Bassmaster 5000 and carrying them over in an insulated 1 gallon beverage jug along with a ladle, some Pappasitos maggie glasses, straws and a towel so we were able to enjoy our preferred adult beverage vs. settling for Corona and wine.  It’s life’s little pleasures that excite me….

Anyway, today looks to be shaping up nicely so we’ll be headed out for a somewhat longer, 35-mile ride today.  Still a few too many honey-do’s to do around the house and I still need some more decompression time before girding-up for the work week that lies ahead.  On the bright side, Debbie’s Vday roses are already taken care of and should arrive at her desk before noon tomorrow, but I still need to get her a card: she loves her greeting cards.


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I've been around a bit and done a few things, have a couple kids and a few grandkids. I tend to be curmudgeonly, matter-of-fact and not predisposed to self-serving chit-chat. Thankfully, my wife's as nice as can be otherwise we'd have no friends. My interests are somewhat eclectic, but whose aren't?
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3 Responses to Hey, hey… we’re riding again this weekend!

  1. Greg Adcox says:

    Mark, what’s your average speed on these rides? I’m trying to get back into cycling shape, wife had never cycled but we got a tandem recumbent trike for 25th anniversary a couple of years ago and now she is loving it… (We got the trikes because I had sustained a significant back injury and needed recumbent and wanted to eliminate possibility of falling. I sent you a pic of us riding to Rockmart on the Comet several months ago). The trikes are great in a number of ways but combined weight of the machine is almost 80 pounds and so we are heavy and slow (although we are a rocket on the downhills!) – my speedo says we average about 12-13 mph on the Comet… I’m looking at trying out a reg tandem now that my back is better and wife is so into it but wondered what speeds ya’ll are doing…
    I really appreciate your blog too

    • TG says:

      Thanks for the kind words on the blog and good to hear y’all are getting into the tandeming scene and looking to get back on a wedgie.

      In our currently degraded shape, for current rides from the house here in West Cobb, the average of averages on our respective Garmin 705 and 305 GPS units for the past few weekends has been about 16.1 mph with an average vertical gain of 1,500′. For the SCT, I’d guess we’d probably average about 18.5-19.0 if we went for a winter fitness ride, starting at Rambo and riding towards Rockmart and back, as we’re always about 2.5 – 3.0 mph faster on the relatively flat Comet Trail whereas our local loop has several 8% and many smaller grades.

      Can’t beat the SCT for cardio though…. just not our cup of tea and we’d rather ride from the house whenever possible vs. driving somewhere to ride.

  2. Greg Adcox says:

    thanks for the info (and a goal to shoot for). When I’m riding by myself on the SCT, keeping the trike at 15mph is more work than keeping my road bike above 20 but… I can go all day on the trike but an hour on the upwrong kills my back right now. I’m not giving up though and am hopeful we can get up on an upright tandem so we could join some small group rides – the tandem trike is definitely easier on my back and we have had a great time on the big group rides but I’m afraid we are too slow to ride with a smaller group right now … .. thinking we’ll have to go to Tandems Limited in Birmingham for a weekend to try some different machines and see what might work for me. We test rode a Longbikes Gulfstream down in Savannah for a couple of hours and that was an adventure…

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