The Outspoken Cyclist: My Favorite Interviews…

Back in November I posted an entry that introduced readers to a new weekly public radio program called the Outspoken Cyclist hosted by long-time friend Diane Lees of HubBub Custom Bicycles in Cleveland, Ohio.  It airs every Saturday evening at 5:30 on WJCU and you can download shows after the fact from either the WJCU – Outspoken Cyclist webpage or at the iTunes Store.

Now that we’ve hit the doldrums of winter for the folks who live in the snow belt I thought I’d provide y’all a compendium of the interviews that have really scratched my itch as a bicycle equipment freak and someone who’s interested in the background and views of cycling industry icons.  These “featured” interviews are typically aired during the first 30-minutes of the hour-long show, right on the heels of the show overview and other chit-chat between Diane and her co-host / producer Greg Priddy.  The balance of the show gets into a variety of national cycling advocacy news items and local cycling issues for the Cleveland-based network’s primary audience.

Again, the interviews (with descriptions by Greg Priddy) I’ve listed here are simply the ones I found to be the most interesting, which is not to say the others weren’t uninteresting… as that’s not the case.  In fact, all of the interviews have been interesting and informative but we all have our biases and preferences in life, e.g., history vs. fiction, road racing vs. oval track, beer vs. wine, right side of the bed vs. left, etc.  I’ve even found myself enjoying Cleveland’s local cycling news and guests, as it’s all very interesting.   So, that said, if you’re looking for something to listen to on your iPod or MP3 player while riding the rollers or your trainer, these might do the trick….  (and be sure to listen to Gabe Mirkin’s interview…it COULD be life altering!  Beware, it’s like drinking out of a firehose, but well-worth it.)

By the way, in checking out all of Diane’s interviews on the Web I stumbled over what I believe is a predecessor radio talk show to The Outspoken Cyclist on a commercial radio station WKBN-AM called Bicycling Today that ran from April to August 2010.  There are also some great interviews archived out on the Web from that series that are well-worth a listen. You can find them HERE; they include:


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6 Responses to The Outspoken Cyclist: My Favorite Interviews…

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  5. Joe Florian says:

    Can’t agree more with the comments about Diane and her program. Until early 2013 I had never heard of The Outspoken Cyclist before, despite the facts that I am a long-time road cyclist and that the program originates in my home state of Ohio and my childhood home of Cleveland. The variety of topics and guests that Diane manages to present is very impressive, and as pointed out, her personality and interviewing style are wonderful. Very thankfully Diane did find out about my new Ohio-based inn-to-inn bicycle touring company Buckeye Country Roads Bicycle Tours and invited me and my partner Rod Hutton to do an interview for her February 16, 2013 program. I am now a regular listener of The Outspoken Cyclist and have even been doing some major catchup, listening to many archived podcasts of the program.

    • TG says:

      It’s really a treasure trove for cycling enthusiasts in terms of the amazing people she’s had as guests: I download every show / podcast on my laptop! Great stuff even for the folks who don’t live and ride in and around Cleveland, Ohio!

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