2011 PEACHES planning event

A typical PEACHES Ride near Rome, Georgia - Photo by Team Hunter (As usual)

Last Saturday evening about 30 folks (13 couples + 3 partner-less team members) gathered at Aldo’s Italian Restaurant in Sandy Springs, Georgia to have a little off-tandem socializing intermixed with the business of signing up leaders for the 2011 monthly PEACHES rides.  This was a tradition started by our PEACHES founder, Rich, back in 1998 at which point we’d all meet for a light supper somewhere near Rich & Ina home for dessert and the drafting of ride leaders.  Sadly for us, Rich and Ina relocated to the San Diego, California area a few years back so the formula for this annual ritual has been slightly modified.

However, through it all, the PEACHES club remains simply a collection of people with an interest in riding tandem bicycles with other like-minded folks held together only by that interest and a little volunteerism on the part of the folks who host the planning events, keep the Yahoo Groups list up and running, the folks who are willing to plan and lead at least one monthly ride that typically includes either a post-ride or mid-ride stop for a meal.

All 10 of the months that were thrown out for rides — noting that December and January are usually bye-months due to weather — were quickly spoken for and, in a few cases, there were even some double-up months where two teams agreed to host separate rides in the same month.  It was refreshing to see some new faces / ride hosts this year, and fingers crossed.. that will translate to a bigger turn-out at the monthly rides.

While we used to host at least one ride a year, in more recent years we’ve taken a step back so that the aforementioned new folks can share their favorite rides vs. our typical East Cobb  / Paulding County tours in the Spring or Fall.  We’ve readily agreed to step in and cover for a few teams who had signed up to lead a monthly ride when conflicts arose and that works just fine for us.

In fact, we co-conspired with team WoodGood to co-host a ride the day after the PEACHES planning party, as we were treated to an unusually and unseasonably warm weekend that was just too nice to pass-up for a group ride opportunity.  More on that in a minute.


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