Writers’s block strikes again…

I’ve got a few things in queue, but am having a bit of a bout with writer’s block.  Look for something on the following topics as soon as my block lifts.

  • Ventana S&S… what a deal!
  • 2011 PEACHES planning event
  • Back on the road for a lovely weekend
  • Some amazing automobile manufacturing facilities: old & new
  • Local clubs… pros and cons
  • Our Calfee Journal… The Overdue Epiloge
  • Rallies and Weekends and Tours, Oh My!

About TG

I've been around a bit and done a few things, have a couple kids and a few grandkids. I tend to be curmudgeonly, matter-of-fact and not predisposed to self-serving chit-chat. Thankfully, my wife's as nice as can be otherwise we'd have no friends. My interests are somewhat eclectic, but whose aren't?
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2 Responses to Writers’s block strikes again…

  1. CT says:

    Another idea: Have you messed around much with gearing for tandems using latest generation XTR or XT der. and 10 speed Ultegra or D-A shifters? Shimano says don’t try it , but i find shop people who say it can work. Jtek shiftmate still out of service on your Calfee? If you started over today, how would you gear your tandem? Maybe 2×10 SRAM?

    • TG says:

      The only time I mess around with Shimano shifters is when I work on someone else’s tandems that have STI. But, that said, 10 speed STI with XTR & XT is standard fare on most production tandems that use Shimano transmissions. There were some issues when combining XTR rear derailleur’s with aftermarket 10 speed wide ratio cassettes from IRD, but I’m not aware of any other incompatibility issues.

      The Jtek shiftmate is actually on our Calfee at the moment. We recently switched over from our Campy Ergo 10 / Campy 10 rear derailleur / Shimano 9 speed casssettes to Shimano 10 speed cassettes and when I made that change I threw on the Jtek. It took about 20 miles of rolling hills to get the thing dialed-in over the last ride, but it’s shifting pretty well right now. I think our Ergo shifters are probably due for new springs at this point, so that’s not helping the shifting either.

      If I had to start from scratch today I’d probably end up pretty close to what we have, noting that we still haven’t given-in to the need or desire to have anything larger than a 11x32t cassette on the bike… which means we can still use our 2006 vintage Record long-cage rear derailleur. If we surrendered to a 12x34t cassette I’d probably get a Jtek Shiftmate #3 and pull an older-model XTR RD-M950 GS rear derailleur out of the parts bin to see how that would work before giving in to a new XT/XTR RD. Ideally, I wish there was enough demand for a Jtek that makes SRAM’s X-0 RD compatible with Campy’s Ergo 10….

      As for 2×10, I’m still limited by super-granny gear range and just not ready to give up my preference for Campy Ergo. We don’t use that 32×32 gear range all that often, but for those 1/2 a dozen times a year that we run into a 15-20% grade… it’s a must have.

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