New Calfee Website Looks Like It’s Almost Done…

Every once in a while I’ll get another ‘hit’ on my daily Google search results from Calfee’s development website.  I mentioned this in an entry back in November entitled, “Sneak Peek – Calfee’s 2011 Website” when it first popped-up.

Well, today’s search results included the new 2011 Tandem Frames Pricing page

Wow, am I ever glad we commissioned our Calfee Tetra tandem back in 2008!  I’m not sure we could swing it today as the retail pricing has gone up 40% to $5,695.00 from 2008’s $3,995.00 basic Tetra tandem price.  As mentioned a while back, we were toying around with having a bamboo Calfee tandem made last spring and finally heard back from Craig a few months ago.  By that time my irrational exuberance had given way to a more tempered approach to our cycling “needs” and that decision was cemented by the $4,895.00 price tag that has been on their website since 2009, never mind the 2011 sticker-shock.

Anyway, the rest of the site looks pretty fresh and professional.  Some of the drop-down menus are a challenge to navigate accurately beyond the 3rd level of pop-up, drop-down menus.  It looks like all of the original content is still there, but with a crisp, more polished look.  The single bike prices don’t appear to have jumped as much as the tandems, but are still up overall.

Who’d have thought that $5,000 bicycles would have been the norm just 10 years ago, never mind $10,000 tandems.  Makes me wonder why the more reasonably priced models ever seemed to be lacking?  Oh, that’s right!  Because we became smitten with custom-made Erickson bikes and tandems back in 1998 and $6,200 seemed reasonable for a full-Campy, custom 4130 piece of rolling art crafted by Glenn Erickson.  Well, as I said, I think I’ve reached a point where we’re in good shape on the bicycle and tandem front and will focus more of our attention on riding them vs. acquiring and tweaking them.


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