Good Luck with That: 6 Month Update

It’s been over six months since I posted some interesting and over-priced tandem finds on Ebay in my original “Good Luck With That” article, so I thought I’d check in to see if anything has happened with that collection of tandems since my last update back on October 10th

’93 Yokota Twin Peaks for $1,500?? – As noted in October, it was down to $950 which was closer to the mark but still high. As of Dec 3,the listing expired once again even with the bike marked-down to $760 & free shipping.

’02 Burley Samba for $1,600?? – As mentioned before, this one expired a few months back with no bids. However, we have another Burley out there (a very-old Rock & Roll) that has already struck-out at $600 in an initial auction with no bids that’s back out there for $499 with… no bids. The description is really not helping as the frame style suggests the tandem was produced back in the mid- to late 90’s while the seller lists far more recent specs in some places.

’09 Litespeed Triplet for $25,000!? – Oh yeah, out there since March and re-listed about every 30 days: all offers declined as of October. There has only been one offer made & declined with the new listing. I’m not sure what the seller’s true goal is here, as I just can’t find any basis for his asking price.

Unknown, older ‘Colnago-Ferrari’ MTB Tandem for $35,000!!!!!!! – Yup, still out there… Last time we checked it had thirteen (13) bids all declined. This time around there’s no evidence of the long history of this listing. Heck, this tandem @ $35k makes the Litespeed Triplet at $25k seem like a bargain. Again, I have no idea what the seller is hoping for, aside from a Lottery Winner who doesn’t know squat about tandems.

Custom Ventana Triplet for $6,900. – This one is down from $7,900, but still a bit ambitious as evidenced by the over half-year old listing. It will take a special buyer for this tandem… and a much lower price for that type of special buyer, at least in my estimation.

As you can probably tell, I’m not at all surprised that these tandems are still unsold. Moreover, it’s not like these are the only “ambitiously priced” tandems that have hit Ebay over the past six months (or craigslist, for that matter). As a sampling, I took a quick look at one page of search results on Ebay and found three more examples:

2008 Santana Arriva SE – $2,500 would be closer to the mark.

2002 Cannondale RT1000 – $2,500 for THIS bike? I don’t think so. $1,800 – $2,000 would be more in line with reality.

Lamborghini Vaggio for $495 – That only seems cheap until you find that you can buy it discounted from wholesale at $329 from another blow-out-house.

In closing, this will be my last check on these tandems. Hopefully this exercise has driven home the need to perform that due-diligence when shopping for a second-hand tandem. Never assume a seller has done their homework and come up with a fair and reasonable value for their offering. Instead, do your own homework, to include making inquiries at the more active tandem discussion forums. With the exception of a handful of truly rare and collectible tandems, the vast majority of tandems depreciate just like every other piece of machinery and the rate at which they depreciate is pretty linear. As noted before, you can find my take on how to approach establishing fair market value of second-hand tandems and other things to consider when shopping around in my ‘Unofficial Used Tandem Price Estimating Tool”


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2 Responses to Good Luck with That: 6 Month Update

  1. Me says:

    the Litespeed triplet is at Madison’s own Budget Bicycle Center, one of the largest shops in the Midwest I’d say. No surprise they’d want some attention, and they got it. Owner’s name is Roger Charly

    I don’t think he’s hard up for bux… oh he might like to sell the Litespeed….but he wouldn’t be in a hurry.

    • TG says:

      There’s an amazing irony in seeing a heavily marked-up speciality item like a Litespeed triplet being offered by a place called Budget Bicycle Center….

      That said, yes… I corresponded with the poor soul at BBC who had to respond to all of the Email back when this bike was first offered up for auction. He was not a happy camper, but was helpful and patient. I also chatted with someone at Litespeed about it last winter: they were equally amused.

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