Tandem-Riding Peace Pedaler End’s 8.5 Year Journey

Jamie Bianchini first came to my attention back in August 2003 and, along with his then riding partner Garryck Hampton, he’d already been on the road for 16 months and gone through a hundred countries.  We captured two “Bulletin Board” entries on the Peace Pedelers over the years and he has apparently finished his journey last Saturday, November 20th at Long Beach, California.  There’s a script version of the story HERE, and you can click on the screen shot below to catch the NBC news segment.  I’ve also appended the two “Bulletin Board” entries below for posterity, although the original story linked off the Nov ’03 entry appears to be dead.  Of course, being a tandem geek, the somewhat unique tandem Jamie used on this epic journey caught my attention. You can see photos of the Black Sheep Tangle HERE.


From the Bulletin Board archives:

Aug 28 2003 – (Korea Herald, South Korea) Peace Pedalers Expedition Takes Hampton & Bianchini Through 100 Countries – Garryck Hampton and Jamie Bianchini left San Francisco, CA, in April of 2002 on a journey that has taken them through 100 countries on their Pedaling for Peace Expedition. They are riding a pair of rather unique bicycles made by Black Sheep bikes than can be converted from single bikes into tandems; read their entire story HERE.

20 Nov 2007 – Peace Pedalers Still Going Strong On Tandem Expedition – A film that chronicles the transglobal Peace Pedaler tour was screened in San Francisco on Nov 22. From their web site, Peace Pedalers started in 2002 with two full-time riders, Jamie Bianchini and Garryck Hampton, who began riding thier own tandem-single mountain bikes called “Tangles” through 18 countries in Asia and Oceania. We each rode in the front seats and picked up hundreds of “guest riders” from dozens of countries who rode on the back seats from a few minutes to a few weeks. It was an epic adventure indeed. Since then, Garryck has become a Part-Time Peace Pedaler after a nasty mountain bike crash in Malaysia. He now works full time with the Forest Service in North America and will join us on various sections of the rest of the expedition. So with only Jamie as a full-time Peace Pedaler, we decided to share the amazing experiences of Peace Pedaling with people like YOU and we have now created the “Part Time Peace Pedaler Program”. This program allows people to rent or borrow aBlack Sheep bikes–two tandem-single “Tangle”. Again, you can learn more about Peace Pedalers at their Website.


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