Our Bass-O-Matic 5000; Thanks Tim!!! (Bloggishnish)

During our last Freeloader Tour Visit to Club Patterson in Tennessee, our host Tim P. introduced me to what he affectionately called his Bass-O-Matic 5000 when I went looking for a blender to make some Margaritas.  For those of you who aren’t old enough to remember, or who were old enough but have forgotten about it, Dan Akyroyd did a hilarious skit back in 1976 on Saturday Night Live (you know, when it really was funny and entertaining) pitching the Bass-O-Matic ’76.  Click HERE or on the image below to see the original clip on Hulu.

Of course, nearly as funny as the original skit is a more recent interview with Akyroyd by the Food Channel where he revealed how he got the idea for this skit that you can find on YouTube by clicking HERE.

Anyway, getting back to Tim’s Bass-O-Matic 5000, it was in reality a Vita-Mix 5000.  Before firing up the Bass-O-Matic he warned me to be careful, as the Bass-O-Matic 5000 put out something like 2hp and could be used as a tree chipper.  Wow!  It was amazing…  We, like a lot of folks, had struggled with all kinds of kitchen blenders or food processors that did a mediocre job of mixing up frozen drinks, the Vita-Mix machine turned-out Margaritas with smoothie-like consistency.

On my next trip to Costco, lo and behold there it was: a Vita-Mix 5200!!!  Sadly, it sat unused in the liquor cabinet for the next 3 months as we were too busy on weekends doing various household projects and whatnot to stop and enjoy a nice home-make maggie.  Instead, we’d made due by indulging ourselves every Friday night at the local On The Border restaurant bar as we’ve done for the past 10 years. So, this past Sunday when the sudden drop in overnight temperatures gave us 26F mornings and highs only in the 40’s, we found ourselves just chilling and watching football as we took care of some in-door honey-do’s.  At some point, probably 4:30 — the start of cocktail hour at my folks house — I pulled out OUR Bass-O-Matic 5200 and spun-up our first batch of Maggies. Wow!  Just as before, smoothie city in no time at all.  Frozen drink aficionados… this is what you want for Christmas!


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