Calfee Design’s Internal Di2 System & Retrofits

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I received a ‘hit’ on my Google search engine with what appeared to be a Sept. Press Release from Calfee Design on their internally routed Shimano Di2 shifting system installation with their proprietary, Di2 battery  / seat post insert.   After getting the OK from Mike to share the not-yet-released Press Release, here it is…  along with some photos (click to enlarge).

Calfee Design Offering Retrofits for an Internal Di2 System on Carbon Frames

(La Selva Beach, CA) Sept. 2010 – Calfee Design is now offering an elegant solution to retrofit carbon fiber frames with Shimano’s electronic Di2 shifting system. This internal system eliminates the need for cable ties, adhesives and external mounts. To achieve fully internal routing for the electronic shift cables, Calfee makes the necessary modifications to the wiring harness, battery, seat post and frame.

The innovation starts with a custom battery system. Calfee installs an aftermarket battery inside the seat post, secured by a bracket for easy removal. To charge, simply remove the seat post and plug in the provided charger to the base of the seat post. This eliminates the bulkier, externally mounted battery. Cables from the battery run down the seat tube where they split at the bottom bracket shell to the shifters and derailleurs.

Calfee Design has extensive experience repairing carbon fiber frames. This is critical in retrofitting carbon frames not necessarily designed for internal routing. Calfee amends the frame as needed, including the creation of access holes, at no detriment to the structural integrity of the frame. Proper repair and reinforcement is imperative to preserve ride quality and guarantee strength of the frame after the required changes have been made to the original structure.

Frames retrofitted to work with an internal Shimano Di2 system cannot readily be swapped between traditional shifting and electronic. However, modifications can be made in the future to remove the retrofit features and allow for traditional cables.

Currently, any make or model of carbon fiber frame is eligible for Calfee’s Di2 retrofit. Internal routing for SRM power meters is also available. There may be a few frames that are not compatible with an internal Di2 system, though none have been identified at this time. The retrofit package is priced to start at $500. Pricing includes the custom battery pack, an installed wiring harness and basic paint touch-ups. The process requires approximately 5 weeks for completion.

For more information, please contact:
Heather Ross

According to Calfee’s Mike Moore, there are already a couple of Calfee Dragonfly tandems in work with for customers with the Di2 system and  new demo tandem is also in the work’s that will hit the road next year.  And, remembering that their Di2 installation can be retrofitted by Calfee to just about any carbon frame, they recently completed a Pinarello conversion.

Very cool, out-of-the-square thinking as always from the folks at Calfee Designs.


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