Southern Tandem Rally… A Post Script

Jack & Susan Goertz, hosts for this past October’s Southern Tandem Rally in Florence, Alabama, sent out the following follow-up note that may be of interest to readers… those who attended STR 2010 and more importantly, those who may be interested in either attending or perhaps even hosting a future STR!

Thanks to all of you who actually made it Florence, AL, this month for the 32nd Annual Southern Tandem Rally. Because of you, we were able to pull off one fantastic rally. Of course, the perfect weather, great venues, and the smooth roads all helped, too. We hope you all made it back to your final destinations without any mishaps or delays.

For those who want to know a bit more about Florence, AL, and the northern part of the Natchez Trace, check out the Travel section in the November, 2010, issue of Southern Living. Several of the local places y’all saw while tandeming through town are profiled in the article, including Billy Reid’s Boutique, where the old tandem was prominently displayed in the store’s window. The article isn’t yet on-line, so you’ll need to check out the newsstands or your local library for a copy.

If you enjoyed the 2010 edition of Southern Tandem Rally, we hope you’ll reserve the dates for the 2011 edition. In case you didn’t have a pencil handy at the banquet, the dates for the 2011/33rd Annual Southern Tandem Rally are (officially) September 23-25, 2011, in Mebane, NC. Mebane, NC, is located on US70, just a mile or two of I-40, midway between Greensboro, NC & Raleigh, NC. For you GPS experts, the Lat/Long is N36 deg, 5.758′, W79 deg, 16.019′. We hope to see you there! Details will be on the website @ as they’re nailed down.

And that brings us to the end of this short note, with a plea for you to consider hosting a Southern Tandem Rally in the future. What’s required to be a host? A desire to share a great riding area with 200 or so of your best friends, a good hotel (or group of hotels) with enough room to house your friends for the weekend, and a place where we can all eat (breakfast, lunch, and banquet). Oh, yes, good roads are essential, too, with maps/cue sheets to match. If you have an idea for a future site, or want to know more about what it takes to host an STR, drop us a note:


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