Good Luck with That: 120 Days Later

It’s been about a four months, and in some cases half a year,  since I posted some interesting tandem finds on Ebay in my original “Good Luck With That” article, so I thought I’d check in to see if anything has happened with that collection of tandems.

’93 Yokota Twin Peaks for $1,500?? – That one’s continued to fall to $950.. which is getting closer to where it should be.

’02 Burley Samba for $1,600?? –  Expired, no bids before disappearing from Ebay.

’03 Raleigh Pursuit for $1,250?? – Re-listed about 5 times, with no sale before disappearing from Ebay.

’09 Litespeed Triplet for $25,000!? – Out there since March and re-listed about every 30 days: all offers declined.

Unknown, older ‘Colnago-Ferrari’ MTB Tandem for $35,000!!!!!!! – Yup, still out there… thirteen (13)  bids all declined.

Custom Ventana Triplet for $7,900. – You guessed it. Five offers declined or expired.

1992 Santana Team for $6,995?! – This ones buy-it-now price was reduced to $4,595 and it  received thirteen (13) bids — all declined — before it disappeared from Ebay.

There are actually a few “new” overly ambitious listings out there as well, but with any luck my original blog entry and used tandem buying tips will help my readers make informed decisions regarding the value of second hand tandems.

Now, all that said regarding overly ambitious sellers, there are occasionally some “too good to be true?” listings that show up on Ebay and there’s one out there right now for a custom Litespeed Taliani with some interesting history behind it.  Mind you, I know nothing about this tandem (it’s too long for me, so I didn’t bother the seller with any questions that wouldn’t yield a potential sale) and am clearly not endorsing it as a bona-fide  “good deal”, but it does warrant some investigation if someone is in the market for a titanium tandem.  This appears to be a ‘classic’ Litespeed produced in the mid-90’s, but it’s not like titanium frames wear-out and with the current going rate for a made-in-the-USA ti frame-ony hoving around $8k, well… it’s nothing to sneeze at.

Linky to Ebay Ad.


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3 Responses to Good Luck with That: 120 Days Later

  1. Kelly Milligan says:

    If you do your homework…and after a primary dip into the tandem world, you and your stoker find you like it…IMHO, you’ll wind up with, (or you should wind up with) a Calfee!

  2. Steve Mallinson says:

    Obviously lots of good manufacturers out there, Kelly. What I liked was the Ventana Triplet going up the rocks!

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