Garage Redo, Part 4 – Before & After Photos

The "new" bike bay with our indoor/outdoor folding ping pong table and RoboPong stored under the bikes.

Well, the lion’s share of the garage overhaul is just about complete: mostly punch list stuff left to go, e.g., painting the grey base molding white, painting doors, finishing my work bench, etc. The ~1,900 square feet of off-white walls & ceiling that make up our garage were patched, primed with Kilz, and repainted in a flat white finish two weekends back. If it was inside the house I’d probably give it a second coat, but since it is the garage, one coat should do just fine, with some touch-up as required.

Because of a massive head cold that  hit me late last week and lingered into this past weekend, we had to pass on a second-installment of a Freeloaders Weekend at Club Patterson in Tennessee.  After staying home and ‘drugging-up’ on Saturday morning I was able to begin moving around by about noon and set my sights on getting most of the garage finished this past weekend.

Believe it or not, all of the bicycle and motorcycle "stuff" that lined the walls and work bench are now contained in the steel filing cabinets. What a GREAT find these cabinets were!

So, the lower 2/5ths of the walls are now sheathed with bead board paneling, upper and lower trim and covered in a nice coat of white semi-gloss that will hopefully make them a bit more resistant to wear and tear and easier to clean-up vs. the painted drywall. Sadly, my latest Wagner Power Roller Max sprung a leak as I was getting ready to start the painting process, so I had to resort to Plan B for the 3/5ths of the upper ways and ceiling: my Wagner Paint Mate roller. Unfortunately, it seems like all of my Power Rollers (as well as a few Power Sprayers) have died an untimely death after they’ve sat unused between big jobs just long enough to fall out of warranty coverage. While the Paint Mate rollers do a great job and are a vast improvement over a paint tray & roller, they don’t lay down as much paint as quickly and easily as the Power Rollers, which can sometimes mean you end up with a less than flawless finish, i.e., thin spots or roller tracks from touch-ups. However, the Paint Mates are a heck of a lot easier to work with (no hoses or power cords) and clean-up takes just a few minutes.Regardless, I think I spent close to 12 hours rolling-on the flat white color coat last Sunday and then another week installing paneling, trim, plumbing and painting the wainscoting. I may go back and do some select touch-ups after the rest of the garage is truly ‘done’ if the flaws are really obvious. Again, I must keep reminding myself… It’s just a garage!!

Yoga work-out mats make perfect lally column pads to keep car doors from getting banged up. Oh yeah, note that there's a lot less clutter too.

I still need to tweak my 3’ x 10’ storage closet roll-out shelving unit a bit, but in general it seems like it will work just fine. The storage compartment for my shop vac and compressor is also working out pretty well: yet another bit of clutter that’s now out of sight when not in use. Same goes for the brooms, which are now hanging inside the door to the water heater enclosure that sits in the corner of the garage under our master bath.

The 'Big Door' opens to reveal the roll-out shelving unit, which can be pulled out 1/2 way (4') without moving my tool chest. With the tool chest out-of-the-way, there's full access. Note my pancake compressor and shop-vac hiding under the custom work bench cobbled together using a 3-door filing cabinet, some lumber and some custom-color paint.

Let’s see, what else. The wooden supports for my bike suspension system also received a couple coats of flat white paint to soften their appearance and a new utility sink has replaced the one with 17-years of caked on paint residue from clean-up activities. The sink as well as my work bench counter tops are finally at a descent height for adults and that has freed-up enough space under the sink (with some careful routing of the drain pipe) to stow the hose reel cart such that it’s now completely out-of-the-way when using the sink. I’m still debating whether to enclose the lower part of the sink to hide the hose reel cart, but will probably leave it as is: you’ve got to draw the line somewhere since… It’s just a garage!!

Yes... sadly, the Titan Silver '04 BMW R1150RT ended up being 'part of the clutter' that brought about the overhaul of the garage. So, in addition to clearing the walls of all shelving & storage and the floor of just about anything that's not on castors, the RT has gone on to a new (and very happy, when I last checked) owner.

While my original plans called for coating the garage floor with an epoxy finish, I’m now rethinking that decision. While it would look great, it would also demand a lot more care and attention vs. the unfinished concrete. As it is now, I routinely spill citrus degreaser on the floor when cleaning parts of our bicycle drive trains and hot wax tends to go flying when I do my hot-melt chain wax treatments. Combined with a non-slip type floor finish, I’m guessing that clean-up could be problematic. I’ll have to consult my neighbor as he works for a firm that does industrial floor coatings. Anyway, unless I do a floor coating, this is probably the last update I’ll post on the ‘new’ garage.

Again, a rather dramatic difference in clutter reduction.... Of course, now I'm looking at all of these bikes and asking myself if that part of the herd needs to be thinned. Now, what to do about that floor?

All-in-all, I must say that I’m really pleased with the transformation from organized chaos to the more finished appearance that it now has.  Moreover, the re-purposed Herman Miller office files are simply the nuts when it comes to putting massive amounts of closed, but easily accessed storage space in a compact footprint.

My 'new' hangout in the garage: the ultra-clean, bike bench with its gobs and gobs of storage. Heck, now that all of the tools are off the bench and wall I even have some room for an old R1100S Boxer Cup poster I've been saving and a new clock. Yes, I'm a bit anal. However, it truly is amazing how much 'stuff' these file drawers can swallow. The three big file drawers in the center, lateral file with work surface now holds nearly the entire contents of two roll-out, cheap plastic storage units with pull-out drawers that was falling apart.

So, what’s next?  Well, in addition to all of Debbie’s work in the backyard with landscaping, we have yet another project beginning this week.  However, for this one I’ve decided to hire some professional help.  Well, that and I’m just about project’d-out at the moment: we REALLY need to get back to riding those tandem bikes on the weekends now that the cooler temperatures ‘SHOULD’ be here for the rest of the fall and winter.


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