Garage Redo… Cool Cabinets

I interrupt hard-core tandem content once again for tangential tandem stuff…

Garage 'Before' with Organized Clutter

As mentioned earlier this week, the ‘shed’ is pretty much done.  All of the yard-care stuff has been moved into the shed along with paint cans, coolers and just about everything else that I wanted to get out of the garage.  Yes, it’s true: the shed wasn’t the real project, it was merely an enabler for the Garage Re-Do.  The 2007 vintage photo at right is fairly representative of what the South wall of the garage looked like about a week ago: lots of ‘stuff’ on open vertical shelves, plastic-coated wire shelving, and otherwise leaned up against the walls and shelving or hanging from nails.

Same wall as before with new-used storage cabinets

As of today, all of the free-standing shelf units, wall-mounted plastic-coated wire shelving, and floor clutter is gone.  Some of the stuff  has been moved to the shed, while other stuff like my motorcycle riding gear has found a new  home in some office storage furniture that I found for sale on here in Atlanta.  Mike Burns at Atlanta Office Source has created a business that helps businesses liquidate office furniture… the good stuff from Hon, Herman Miller, etc.   I stumbled across Mike & Atlanta Office Source by way of a listing that was marketing a 66″ H x 42″ W x 20″D office storage ‘tower’ with integrated wardrobe two-door bookcase and 3-drawer lateral file as a “motorcycle storage cabinet”, perfectly sized for jackets/pants and helmets + three cavernous file drawers for other stuff.

A perfect fit for motorcycle apparel & helmets

Having shopped around a bit, the asking price of the solid steel units seemed really reasonable at $195 compared to the alternatives, e.g.,  $200 for a wood composite cabinet or 3x that much for a basic thin-gauge steel wardrobe. Moreover, the combination of the three different types of modular components seemed ideal. After looking through the rest of their inventory I also decided a 42″ Wide 3-drawer lateral file would also work well as a base unit for a new ‘bike’ work bench that could be placed between a pair of the tower units.  I picked up a 2nd 3-drawer file as the base unit for my non-bike work bench that sits in the opposite corner of the garage next to my non-bike tool chest.

More organized clutter in a 'before' photo

Anyway, Mike dropped off the two towers and two lateral files on Friday and they exceeded my expectations.  The wardrobes at 12″ wide will hold the gear that I wear most often, all four helmets, my vast assortment of gloves and a lot of other stuff with ease.  The lateral file swallowed all eight drawers (4-drawers each in 2 of the lateral file drawers) from the pair of plastic roll-around organizers I used to sort and store bicycle parts, tires, tubes, etc.  Again, it looks like the units will be a winner and give the garage a nice and tidy look once everything is done: no more clutter!!!

I may add some casters so I can move the very heavy steel cabinets around without emptying them out before I get too far down the road with building the work bench tops and what not, so that may become today’s unplanned project.  I figure I have a good week’s worth of work patching the 100 or so holes that were left in the garage walls after the plastic coated wire shelving and various other pieces of wood that were bolted to the wall were removed.  After that comes paint & paneling and then putting down an epoxy floor coating.  So, there will be plenty of opportunities to move those cabinets and I certainly don’t want to slide them across the garage floor after the epoxy goes down.

Well, that’s it for now. There are a few other features in the garage project that I’ll point out in a subsequent post.


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