STR 2010: Golf Outings on Thursday and/or Friday

For those with plans to attend the Southern Tandem Rally in Florence, Alabama on October 15th – 16th,  this just in….

Are you a golfer? If so, you will definitely want to bring your golf clubs to the 2010 Southern Tandem Rally. Alabama is home to the world-famous Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, and two of the courses are right across the river from the Marriott-Shoals Hotel. STR attendee Hank & Susan Holcomb have made arrangements for a group to play one of the two courses on Thursday (Oct. 14th) afternoon and the second course on Friday morning. Play one or both, you’ll still have time to do Friday’s remote-start tandem ride and make the “Welcome Reception” at the Alabama Music Hall of Fame Friday evening.

If you’re interested in joining Hank for either Thursday’s round or Friday’s round, send him an e-mail. You can find out more information about the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail @ the Shoals by following this link.

See ya’ll in Florence, AL, at the 2010 Southern Tandem Rally!

Jack & Susan Goertz
Chairs – Southern Tandem Rally 2010

Just a couple comments.

First, if ‘The Colonel‘, aka., Hank Holcolm, and his lovely wife Susan are setting up a golf outing, it will be a pretty nice affair. Everything they do is first class.  Sadly, we haven’t touched our golf clubs since we traded them in for our first tandem back in 1997.  While we haven’t saved any $$ by giving up golf for tandem cycling, at least with cycling the harder you work at it the better you get: never found that to be true with golf!!  But, it was a great way to get some exercise while enjoying a little sport with my beloved Debbie, occasionally our son Wesley, and some team building with colleagues. Hmmmm. Now I’m wondering where I’ve stashed those clubs… they were pretty nice ones: Taylor Made Burner O/S with graphite shafts as I recall.

Second, I keep waiting for Jack to host the “two-up pedal & power” weekend that we’ve been talking about for over a decade!!!   This actually ties into Hank too, as I believe he still has a big bike + tandem as does Jack, yours truly and quite a few other tandem enthusiasts.  The ‘ideal’ weekend would be hosted near the Barber Vintage Museum in Birmingham, AL, so that on the first day we could take the big bikes out to the Talladega National Forest and ride the Appalachians Highland Scenic Byway through Cheaha State Park and maybe hit the Museum at Talladega or perhaps do a tour of the Honda Odyssey plant in Lincoln, AL just to make it interesting.  The afternoon would be wide open so folks could tour the Barber Museum.  Sunday would be a tandem ride around Birmingham… noting that if we started early enough we could probably ride parts of the old Birmingham Century near the Barber location.

Just sayin’…


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