Leadville 100 – Team Applegate Takes 1st in Tandem Class

Although the full results are not yet posted, while perusing the L100 Twitter Feed of results I found this:

#1304 APPLEGATE & APPLEGATE has crossed the Finish Line with a time of 8:42:14.0 in 1st place.

For those who have never heard of the Leadville 100, it was given some added fame and notoriety over the past previous years when Lance Armstrong competed and came in 2nd in ’08 and then won the event outright with a new record time in ’09.  The Leadville was also the back drop for the Film, “Race Across the Sky

This is interesting for a number of reasons. First off, a blog entry by Cara Applegate popped up on my daily Google search results a couple of days a go and was in my queue for a Blog entry of its own, remembering we also did a feature on Team Sheep TrickLieven S. and Doris E. who travel from Belgium to participate — made mention of another Colorado couple in a Bloggishnish Entry who were gearing up for a run at the Leadville 100 on their new Eriksen 29’r a few weeks back, and had also heard from a few other teams on the forums we frequent who were likewise taking on the Leadville.

What also grabbed my attention was the photo of Cara & her husband Andy from her blog, as they were riding one of our good friend Alex Nutt’s Fandango-brand 29’r hard tail tandems.  This is the ‘new’ Fandango, designed by Alex and fabricated by another good friend, Sherwood Gilbson of Ventana USA.

Way back at the end of last year, smack dab in the middle of recovery from a year of studying and weight gain, I committed to Andy that I would join him in a tandem venture at the Leadville Trail 100.

8 months ago it seemed so far away that the commitment meant almost nothing. Actually setting a goal, however, a real live goal that we BOTH had floating around in our brain somewhere, and paid a boatload of money for, meant an increased commitment to training and racing (and slimming down). At least, significantly more than in years past, for me.

Holy crappity crap that race is almost upon us! Tomorrow morning I ship out for the trip west. We are well trained. We’re both as light as we’ve been in several years. For the first time in at least four years I can say before a race there is little else (within my present range) I could have done to be ready.

Ultimately our goal is to finish the dang thing. If that finish happens to be around 10 hours, all the better. 😉 smirky smirky smirk. I am lucky that my brother and my little mommy are going to be there to give encouragement! (or heckling)

You can read more about Team Applegate at their sponsor, Team Performance’s Blog and a neat article regarding their Southern Cross event back in January in the February edition of XXC Magazine’s article, “it takes two”.

I’m still waiting to see the entire results from the Leadville so we can see how our other tandem brothers and sisters did.

Oh yeah, some guy named Levi Leipheimer won this year’s Leadville with a new record time, some 12 minutes faster than Lance Armstrong’s ’09 record-setting finish.  More on Levi’s win HERE.


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4 Responses to Leadville 100 – Team Applegate Takes 1st in Tandem Class

  1. The other Mark says:

    Uh oh…..a reason to buy a 29er Ventana…..

    Whaddya say? Summer trip to Leadville?

    • TG says:

      No, no… those were hardtail 29er Fandango’s made by Sherwood per MTBTandem’s specs. Ventana’s 29er is a full-suspension rig.

      Clearly, it’s the engines that make the biggest different, but Alex has to be feeling pretty good about seeing his hardware on the podium’s top two spots. Moreover, I think he sold at least one or two other tandems ridden in this year’s event.

      As for us making that trip to Leadville, Hmmm. If we started training today (and that’s a big and unlikely IF), we might finish DFL!

      Hat’s off to the podium folks as well as everyone else who rode this year’s Leadville in the tandem class!!!!

  2. The other Mark says:

    Gotcha….just looked over Alex’s site. I like the hardtail better.

    Have you ridden one?? Too late to call him today, but I’ll be doing so in the AM.

    • TG says:

      He’s probably down in the “shop” noting MTBTandems is home-based tandem business, like most of the better tandem dealers…. If he doesn’t answer the phone just leave a message, as he may be sitting there building up tandems, answering email, doing other biz., etc…

      As mentioned in a couple blog entries, I have a Ventana El Conq 26er here at the house on loan from Alex that’s a bit smaller than our ’02 model. We’ve had it since the end of June, but haven’t had a chance to ride it: https://tandemgeek.wordpress.com/2010/06/30/more-off-road-tandem-stuff/

      I suspect once the weather cools off a bit we’ll be more enthusiastic about hitting the trails vs. the road for our weekend ride time, and we’ll likely try the 29er hard tail just to see what all the buzz is about.

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