Santana’s 29er, er… ExoGrid Videos

Someone pointed us to some YouTube videos featuring Santana’s Bill McCready at what I suspect was the Sea Otter Classic, if only because of the setting — in the dirt with a lot of emphasis on off-road products in the background — and the date that the video was posted being right on the heels of this year’s Sea Otter.

The embedded title of the video is “Exogrid Tech, Santana 29er tandem” but there really wasn’t much information presented on the 29er, just Santana’s ExoGrid tubing. I tried to find more information about what looked to be a 29er based on the Santana Cilantro / Picante frame design with ExoGrid tubing, but no such luck.

The only thing I really found somewhat odd about the heavy focus on Santana’s ExoGrid tubing was the timing, noting that Santana introduced the Vyatek IgoGrid tubesets at Interbike back in 2003, followed by the ExoGrid tubeset which I believe showed up at Eurobike in 2006 and seemed to become a part of Santana’s line-up at Interbike in 2009.  I would have really liked to have heard more about the 29er, but you get what you get.

Anyway, for the folks who aren’t regular readers of Santana’s Facebook page or who have not yet seen it, here is the 2-part video segment on ExoGrid technology.


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