Bloggishnish: June 28th

Good grief, another bought of insomnia…  Must be the heat?!

PEACHES Ride… Coming Soon:  I was going to write about today’s monthly gathering and ride around Stone Mountain Georgia, but I decided to wait until some of the photos begin to pop-up on Flickr… photos taken by others of course.  So, perhaps later this week under its own heading.

Flickr’s Amazing: (Addt’l photos in Gallery)

You know, I’ve never tried using the search engine at Flickr until today when I went looking for some photos that our June PEACHES Ride host’s family took of our group.  But, what I did find was pretty interesting.

Photo by aflatfoot (Flickr)

The first photo that caught my eye was our good friend and proprietor of Precision Tandems out in Kansas, Mark Johnson standing alongside a very nice “Precision” branded aluminum quad (i.e., a tandem with four seats) at the Bike Across Kansas ride.  At the other end of the quad was Julie (aka, Mighty Mouse) most likely wondering where Mark’s daughters Courtney and Natalie were.  Right alongside it was another photo of the Johnson rig underway, resplendent in their stars & stripes kits (in gallery view).

Photos by MYiU2 (Flickr)

The next thing that caught my eye were a couple of tandem teams photographed at the NorCal / Nevada Time Trials.  One of the tandems was a few-year old Cannondale RT fitted with HED deep-section aero wheels that were compatible with the Cannondale’s stock, Avid BB7 dual discs.  The second tandem was a very large-size Calfee wearing a set of Mavic time trial specific wheels (in gallery view)…..   and folks, IMHO this is about the only type of event that warrants having true race wheels on a tandem.

Photo by Craig Damlo (Flickr)

Although there were some other interesting photos, the last one I will make mention of was taken in Seattle at the Fremont Solstice Ride…  where riders often times eschew clothing for a coat of colorful paint: which certainly can’t be more comfortable than wearing breathable cycling apparel. Anyway, there were a lot of tandems at the event, including a very nice Kuwahara with a couple gals wearing the US Soccer Team’s colors.  A member of the Hobbes list with her husband was also caught by a photog back in 2007 who are easily recognized by their Erickson tandem… well, that and their bumble-bee outfits.

Sidi Cycling Shoes: There was a time when I knew that I could buy a pair of 42.5 Sidi cycling shoes and they’d be a perfect fit.  Well, son-of-a-gun if that’s not been the case as of late.  Here’s the deal – the lugged soles of the Dominator 5’s that I’ve been wearing on our road tandems for the past umpteen years have finally worn down to the point where even rebuilding them with Shoe-Goo hasn’t worked.  So, I figured I’d bite the bullet and just buy some lightly used ones off Ebay at something less than retail.

Anyone interested in a nearly new pair of 42.5 Sidi Dominator 6's?

On my first attempt I mistakenly bought a very rare pair of Dominator 5’s with the Sidi Sole Replacement System (SRS).  I figured I’d be good to go for the rest of my life just by picking up a couple sets of the SRS replacement cleats.  However, when they arrived I realized I bought the wrong size: 42 instead of 42.5. They were a snug fit… perhaps a bit too snug.  So, they went back on Ebay and sold for what I paid while I zero’d in on a nice pair of NOS size 42.5 Dominator 6’s with the carbon sole and SRS. Guess what: they’re too big!

So, I had a great idea that I’d actually thought about before I even started shopping for new shoes: why not just shave what’s left of the lugs off my old Sidi’s that fit just perfect and affix a set of the SRS lugs to the cleanly shaven soles?  So, today I ordered a set of the SRS replacement lugs off Ebay and tonight I pulled out my reciprocating saw, a really big rasp and a power sander and had at my old shoes.  So far so good…  Next trick is making sure the lugs fit up against the sole and then figuring out what combination of epoxy and mechanical fasteners will keep the SRS lugs attached for the next couple years.

Decisions, decisions....

Casper:  Well, judging by the number clicks made on the photo of the White Ventana El Conq. that I was lusting after, I’d say that it also caught the eye of a few other folks.  As if often the case when I get the “wants”, if I can step back from the object of my desires for just a day or two the urges will subside.  For a variety of reasons, I’d thought I’d gotten to that point with ‘Casper’ and was about to start making a small change to our current El Conq. when I heard back from Alex at  “Your White Ind. Campy freehub is here and Casper’s cleaned up and ready for a test ride.”  So, we’ll see what happens this week.


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