The Netherland’s Brabants Bicycle Orchestra

With a tip of the hat to 2frmMI at for posting a photo that brought this amazing six-seat tandem bicycle band to my attention, let me introduce you to the Brabants Bicycle Orchestra from the Netherlands.

As noted on the Cyclorama Website‘t Brabants Fietsharmonisch Orkest…

… takes you by surprise when they come rolling round the corner. Two saxophones, a bass drum, a tuba, a trumpet, an accordion, a bicycle bell and a cymbal or two; 6 pedallers, one driver, jaunty music and truly a site to behold. Riding a four-metre long six-person tandem, the Fietsorkest has entertained adults and children alike all around Europe, at street festivals, parades, openings of cycle paths and many more. An unforgettable spectacle. Their repertoire includes jazz, ragtime, klezmer, and of course circus music, played with verve and finesse and not a little slapstick humour!

Here’s just one of many videos you can find of the Bicycle Orchestra on You Tube:

You can find many  of the other videos made by various different contributors who have encountered the orchestra (founded in 2002) at You Tube by clicking HERE.   You can also visit their Website to learn a little bit more and find other pictures and another video:  Sadly, if someone yelled-out “your stoker’s not pedaling” as the band rolled by it’d be true… noting in the videos that the Tuba player’s feet sit on a set of pegs so that he can operate the bass drum.


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