Tandem Freeride Invitational, Nov 2009

Once again, our friend Henry Able sent us a link to yet another bit of craziness from the Left Coast… more specifically, Pacifica, California and a movie by Jon Rayner that captured the thrills and spills of the 2009 Tandem Freeride Invitational.

But, better yet, just a short while later we received the same invitation to view Jon’s movie from Double Forte list member… wait for it: Jon Rayner!  Howz about that, eh?

Anyway, the flyer at right and the link below will take you to Jon’s web site where you’ll find both the “Tandem Freeride Invitational – The Movie” (which failed to make it into the Bent Bicycle Film Festival, see earlier Blog update) as well as the companion movie composed of the material that didn’t make it into “The Movie”. Warning: Content at the http://www.youraprickjonrayner.com website is at least PG13 if not NC17, so keep the kiddies away while viewing and watching. It’s related to language and adult situations, do don’t get too excited, but don’t be shocked either.

Tandem Freeride Invitational Movie from nicalorber on Vimeo.

Now, I wouldn’t be the TandemGeek that I am without throwing out a couple of observations and some commentary, so here goes.

Observation: While there are a lot of really cool tandems in the video, i.e., Ventana, Cannondale, Ellsworth, Santana, etc.. keep an eye out for the two — yes, two — very rare SantaCruz full-suspension tandems: one’s blue the other’s green.  I think there may only be three or four of these at the most, as I believe they were all built for friends and folks associated with SantaCruz Cycles. Also be on the lookout for the Chuck’s Bikes F/S tandem, with its distinctive and massive rocker.  And, by all means, keep an eye out for the stoker in the Gorilla suit, aka Donkey Kong.

Commentary:  While it’s pretty obvious that there are some hard-core freeride folks riding the tandems, I’m not sure I was feeling the love from some of the comments flying about.  Thankfully, as a tandem enthusiast we know were pretty low on the evolutionary food chain of cyclists, perhaps a notch above recumbent riders… so I don’t take any of the less than flattering comments to heart.  But, with all due respect, tandems are not gay… we just have gay-old-times when we get together with other tandem enthusiasts. It’s the single bike riders who always seem to get uncomfortable when they realize a lot of tandem riders are actually married and willingly spend their precious ride time with their spouse or significant other.


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