The Greg Mongold Memorial Bike Ride

As I mentioned in my first entry on our friend Cliff Davis’ passing, we have lost a number of our dear friends whom we’ve met through tandem cycling over the past year.   If you’ve been following my blog, you may recall my mention of our friend Neville Frost’s passing on Easter Weekend.  However, before I launched my blog we lost another friend from Indiana: Greg Mongold.

Similar to Cliff’s passing, we lost Greg while he and his wife Linda were riding their tandem last June 23rd. The similarities are striking, as both Cliff and Greg were in exceptional health, strong cyclists, devoted husbands and fathers and two of the most kind-hearted, selfless men you’d ever want to meet.  And, of course, Cliff and Lisa as well as Greg and Linda were members of our tandem-family. Our tandem-family is made up of couples who we always look forward to seeing at tandem rallies and other tandem cycling events where we catch-up on what they’ve been doing since we’ve last met and sharing anecdotes and other stories while enjoying the moments that we are in.

Anyway, you can learn more about Greg’s passing and his life with Linda and as a teacher, father and member of the Bloomington community in a student’s January 10th, 2010 article published in the Bloomington High School North’s Newsmagazine aptly titled, Bye, Bye Mr. American Pie:  Please note and be forewarned, this is a very evocative article that recounts what are apparently Linda’s or others recollections of Greg’s fall and passing.

With this background, we just wanted to make readers aware of the upcoming, Gregory L. Mongold Math Scholarship & Greg Mongold Memorial Bike Ride on May 23rd at Bloomington High School North sponsored by the BHSN Student Council.  From the BHSN Home Page and for links to the event registration form:

The Greg Mongold Memorial Bike Ride honors the late MCCSC math teacher Mr. Gregory L. Mongold.  The ride will occur at BHSN on Sunday, May 23rd at 2 pm.  The event is a fundraiser for the Gregory L. Mongold Math Scholarship. Register by April 30 to receive a t-shirt. Final registration deadline: May 11th. (Registrations will be taken the day-of.  Note: parent signature is required if under 18). The Greg Mongold Memorial Bike Ride is sponsored by the BHSN Student Council.

Donations to the Greg Mongold Math Scholarship can also be made on line


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