Tandem Club Names; Any Missing?

After posting the Twin Cities Tandem Club’s website update I realized that no where on their Web site do they spell-out their club’s acronym nickname, LOONS.  I’d always thought it was take off on the Lena & Ole jokes & stories told by Minnesotans Lena n’ Ole On Non-Singles. But, I’ve also seen the acronym spelled out as the more schamltzy Lovers Out On Non-Singles; I prefer the former.  Anyway, in case you’ve never seen them all, here is what I believe are names for most of the active tandem club as well as many clubs that have fallen by the wayside.  Please feel free to submit any updates via a comment so that I can keep this list up to date and accurate. At some point I’ll do a cross check against the tandem club listings we maintain over at TheTandemLink.com.

Tandem Clubs that are still mostly in existence to some extent…
n/a = no acronym, per se

  • Chicago Area Tandem Society – CATS
  • Chile Peddlers of New Mexico – n/a (NM)
  • Coalition of Young & Old Tandem Enthusiasts – COYOTES (AZ)
  • Colorado Tandem Club – n/a (CA)
  • Couples on Wheels – COWS (WI)
  • Couples Riding a Bike Simultaneously – CRABS (MD)
  • Dallas Area Tandem Enthusiasts – DATES (TX)
  • Doubles Of the Garden State – DOGS (NJ)
  • Enthusiastic Group of Riders Exercising Tandem Style – EGRETS (VA)
  • Evergreen Tandem Club – n/a (WA)
  • Four Legs Always MOVING On TandemS – FLAMINGOS (KS)
  • Greater Ohio Area Tandem Society – GOATS (OH)
  • Gold Country Tandem Club – n/a (CA)
  • Greater Raleigh Intrepid Tandem Society – GRITS (NC)
  • Greater Rochester Eating and Tandeming Society – GREAT SOCIETY (NY)
  • Heart of the South – n/a (AL)
  • Hoosiers Out On Tandems – HOOTS (IN)
  • Hawaii on Tandems – HOTS (HI)
  • Houston Area Tandem Society – HATS (TX)
  • Michigan United Tandem Society – MUTS (MI)
  • Paired Iowans Going Somewhere – PIGS (IA)
  • Pairs Enthusiastically Astride Cycles Having Experiences Simultaneously – PEACHES (GA)
  • Rockford Area Pedaling Tandems on Road Society – RAPTORS (IL)
  • San Diego Tandem Club – n/a (CA)
  • TailWind Tandem Club – n/a (NC)
  • Tandem Bicyclists of New England – T-BONE (ME, VT, NH, MA, CN, RI)
  • Tandem Time – n/a (CA)
  • Portland Tandem Club – PTC (OR)
  • Texas Capital Area Tandem Society of Austin – TX-CATS (TX)
  • Twin Cities Tandem Club / Lena n’ Ole On Non-Singles* – LOONS (MN)
    *Also reported as Lovers Out On Non-Singles, but the Lena n’ Ole version is what the folks in Minnesota cite.
  • Vermont Bicycling Unorganized Duos – VT-BUDS (VT)
  • Washington Area Bicyclists In Tandem Society – WABITS (D.C.)

Tandem Clubs that have come and gone or are assumed to be OBE…

  • Ann Arbor Riding Duos Venturing About Rolling Kountry Sides – AARDVARKS
  • Bay Area Roaming Tandems – BART (CA)
  • Bismark Tandem Enthusiasts – BITE (ND)
  • Boise Area Tandem Riders – n/a (ID)
  • Boulder United Tandem TeamS – BUTTS (CO)
  • Brazos Area Tandem Society of Texas – BATS (TX)
  • Carson & Reno Area Tandem Society – CARATS (NV)
  • Cheyenne’s One Lone Tandem Society – COLTS (WY)
  • Deuces Wild, Las Vegas – n/a (NV)
  • Four Seasons Tandem Club – n/a (WI)
  • Greater Acadiana Tandem Owners & Riders Society – GATORS (LA)
  • Greater New Orleans Area Tandem Society – GNATS (LA)
  • Modesto Area Tandem Enthusiasts – MATES (CA)
  • Move About Southern California On Tandems – MASCOTS (CA)
  • Pennsylvania Recreational Riders on Tandems – PARROTS (PA)
  • Pocatello Idaho Tandem Society – PITS (ID)
  • Richmond Area Tandem Society – RATS (VA)
  • Tandems Illinois Going Everywhere Riding in Style – TIGERS (IL)
  • Tandem Riders of Longview – TROLS (TX)
  • Tandems of Ponca Laughter Eating & Social Society – TOPLESS (OK)
  • Tandems of York Society – TOYS (PA)

Purportedly, there are a few folks who attended one of the early Midwest Tandem Rallies who hold the secret to why tandem enthusiasts adopted the names of animals as acronyms from which to construct their club names.  Off hand, I suspect it started as a simple thing with one club and then others simply followed suite to see who could one-up the next club.  As always, the names underscore the basic objective of tandeming: having fun.


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6 Responses to Tandem Club Names; Any Missing?

  1. Chris says:

    BART (Bay Area Roaming Tandems) is either defunct or in a very deep sleep.

  2. GOATS has reconstituted. We presently are using a Facebook group and have no formal webpage.

    Correspondence can be addressed to GoatsOhio@groups.facebook.com

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  4. Dave White says:

    The Blind Stokers Club (BSC) is the largest tandem club in the greater San Diego area – with mission to share recreational cycling with those who cannot see well enough to pilot a bike. http://www.blindstokersclub.org

    Oh, the places you’ll go . . . with the Blind Stokers Club !

  5. Boris Bob says:

    I believe all the tandemists will like this page 🙂


  6. Richmond Area Tandem Society – RATS (VA) is still active. We operate as part of The Richmond Area Bicycling Association (RABA) and have a Yahoo group. We created a closed Facebook Group a couple of weeks ago.

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