TV Commercials & Tandems: Muscle Milk

It’s always a treat to see a tandem bike pop up in a print ad, TV commercial or even in a motion picture.  In fact, in just the last week three of these have been brought to our attention: a Trek T900 used in a shoe ad in the weekend “Parade” magazine, a Schwinn Tango with independent coasting was seen in a department store TV commercial by our friend Brian W., and our friend Mark Johnson of Precision Tandems first teased us, then pulled back the curtain on the making of a TV commercial that used the Quint you see pictured below.

Before getting into any more of the behind the scene details, let me share the Muscle Milk commercial with y’all so that you can ‘see’ what the director wanted you to think you saw. By the way, this and two other Muscle Milk commercials filmed over the same weekend were purportedly broadcast during the NCAA March Madness Basketball tournament. Frankly, I never noticed… which either suggests Atlanta is not a target market for Muscle Milk OR the commercials just weren’t all that effective.  Anyway…. here ’tis:

And as Paul Harvey would say, and now the rest of the story:

Mark Johnson: We received about 11 inches of snow on the afternoon we were to load up and drive from Kansas City to Orlando.  We hit the road about 10:30 PM and drove until about 3AM straight south expecting to get below the storm as it appeared on the radar.  Our trip eventually took us through Atlanta after driving all day and into the next night.  It was barely above freezing even that far south.  We pushed on through the entire night with promises to arrive the following day by early afternoon.  And we were able to keep that promise.  The commercial was filmed over 3 days in Orlando, consumed countless thousands of dollars and yielded just 8 seconds of footage.

Mark and his family took several pictures during their time with the film crew that will give readers the aforementioned insight into how the “magic” happens that you can find HERE.  For the record, the Quint is a Precision Tandems-branded aluminum “convertible” model fabricated by Dennis Bushnell of R&E Cycles in Seattle, Washington.  The three sets of S&S Machine Bicycle Torque Couplings (BTCs, or ‘couplers’) allow this tandem to be configured as a Triplet (3 seat), Quad (4 seat) or Quint (5 seat) as used in the commercial.  And it’s for sale!  First $24k takes it home. No, that’s not a misprint.

Of course, now that you’ve seen how it’s done you can easily see how the Trek 900 mentioned earlier had all of its brand markings masked-off for this Earth Spirit Shoe ad.


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