Bloggishnish: March 1st

Well, I was going to rant a bit about one of the biggest problems we face today: the erosion of facts and accurate information on the Internet.  But I ultimately decided against it.   The crux of the problem is best exemplified by the parlor game of ‘Telephone’ where, almost without fail,  a simple message (fact) will ultimately morph into something completely different when quietly passed along from person-to-person-to-person to a point where what the last person was told bears only a slight if any resemblance to the original message.  The same is true for  honest-to-goodness facts that suffer the same fate as they travel by word-of-mouth, Email, Tweet or posts to a friendly forum.  Rolling resistance, rotational mass, aero drag, strength and durabilty of composites and so on represent just a smattering of things where the true facts have become so obscured by folklore that many now believe certain things that aren’t necessarily true.

So, at least for anything that’s important let me offer a tried and true reminder: Trust, but Verify.

The latter can be hard when sometimes we have unknowingly invested a lot of emotional energy (and money) in the folklore and are reluctant to face any facts that suggest, gasp… the unthinkable.  However, as I said, I WAS going to rant and decided not to.  But you get my drift.

As for tandem cycling, the weather continues to thwart our weekend plans and I finally decided to engage in a little cross-training: skating to be exact.  Amazingly, not having been on ice since my 12-year old Planert speed skates broke in half in 1989 (Note: speed skates really aren’t designed for skating backwards), I was somewhat surprised to find I was able to quickly regain some form after about 30 minutes on the ice. Within an hour most everything felt just right.  I’m not sure what it is about ice skating that makes it so enjoyable…  much the same as cycling now that I think about it.


About TG

I've been around a bit and done a few things, have a couple kids and a few grandkids. I tend to be curmudgeonly, matter-of-fact and not predisposed to self-serving chit-chat. Thankfully, my wife's as nice as can be otherwise we'd have no friends. My interests are somewhat eclectic, but whose aren't?
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