Yes, yes… we all know about Harry and Daisy.

But what about C.C. Hassler and his tandem experience? In an item coming out of The Pantagraph, it was noted that in the late 1800’s Bloomington, Indiana was home to local poet Charles Cunningham (C.C.) Hassler. Poetry was quite popular at the time, to the extent it was more or less a performance art practiced in various public places. Much of Hassler’s work was characterized as homespun and humorous and became published in The Pantagraph under a column “Fun on Farm”, to include a short poem in 1896 that captured his first experience with a tandem bicycle. I suspect his sentiment is still echoed by many first time tandem riders to this day…

Now I’ve rid a buckin’ bronco, an’ a mule that kicked an’ balked
An’ every four-legged critter that had ever run or walked;
But of all the everlastin’ wabbly things that I have met,
This tandem wheel of ours is the most uncertain yet.

You can read more about C.C. Hassler HERE.


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