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The Outspoken Cyclist, a Post Script

Although not anticipated nor intended when I published my blog entry soliciting guests from the tandem community for Diane Lee’s radio show, the Outspoken Cyclist at WJCU in Cleveland, Ohio, I somehow ended up being a guest this past Saturday … Continue reading

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The Outspoken Cyclist: Interested In Being A Guest? + More Favorites

Since first coming to my attention back in the 4th quarter of 2010, I’ve made mention of long-time friend Diane Lees and the PBS show she produces and hosts at WJCU in Cleveland, the Outspoken Cyclist.  In fact, here’s a … Continue reading

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Tandem vs. Single Bike Riding Position: Same or Different?

BTW, this is my 800th blog entry.  Not sure what that says about my use of free time.   I was recently going through digital photos several older computers in an effort to collect and consolidate my images on one … Continue reading

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A 49-Minute Tandem Ride In 78 Seconds: My First GoPro Video…

Well, a couple “can you believe its” came about over the weekend; and here they are: Can you believe it… Debbie’s almost over her bout with Sinusitis! Mark’s almost over his bout with something other than the flu! We had … Continue reading

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Christmas Lights Rides… I Really Miss Those

Many years back, one of our holiday traditions was The Tandem Club of Georgia’s Christmas Lights Ride in and around Atlanta.  The first one was hosted out of Atlanta Cycling’s shop in Vinings around 1997 and lead by Don Dutson … Continue reading

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Yes, I Was Serious About Trailering Our Tandem Behind The Harley!

Regular readers will recall that in one of my post-Southern Tandem Rally reports I lamented about our lack of enthusiasm for driving to tandem cycling events and shared a plan to investigate trailering our tandem behind our motorcycle as an alternative … Continue reading

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Tandem Rallies; I Think I Forgot How They Work!

Here’s what I’ve come to “think” I realize:  I do tandem rallies like I drink water, soda or anything else.   Instead of taking it one sip at a time and savoring the drink while taking-in the surrounding social situation, I … Continue reading

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